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Deadenvy Hair-Pack 2

Heyo i'm back.

Today i've got my second Hair-Pack for you. Based on the Hairstyles in SAO - Fatal Bullet.

The Hair-Pack contains 6 Hairstyles for Male Human and Saiyan. The seventh Hairstyle is Patreon exclusive so if you want it just got here and become one of my patreons.

  • Hairstyle 1 = Short Hair
  • Hairstyle 2 & 3= Medium long  Hair , with 3 having a red bandana
  • Hairstyle 4 = Long Hair
  • Hairstyle 5 = stylish Mohawk
  • Hairstyle 6 = Deadenvy's previous two-toned Base Hairstyle

Important !  I personally use a custom made awoken skill transformation. I'm not sure if it works with lazybones tranformation pack.  So i would say it's not compatible with it for all i know.

And yes before i get stupid comments. I know that every hairstyle here (except Deadenvy's Hairstyle) has no textures. But this is intentional. I'm not that great with textures and some of them looking great even without textures. If you want to change it, than please be my guest and do that.

Credits to:

Eternity, Akira Toriyama ,  Dimps and Bandai Namco Entertainment etc. for the game and the tools and SAO - Fatal Bullet for the Hairstylemodels.


P.S: If anything is wrong, not working or else please write it in the comments ! Do not give bad ratings and comment because you don't like cac mods! At least give constructive criticism so i know what i did wrong or i can improve on!

Drag and  drop it in the data/HUM folder

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August 12, 2018