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Excellent Full Course Recolors

Alright folks, so unfortunately some on discord did and didn't get this a lot earlier because of an issue I had with getting into my account to upload it. My sincerest apologies for the wait but; IM BACK! This was a long overdue promise and I'm glad it's finally fulfilled. Please enjoy, if you need a key just check the X2M's details as they should all be labelled. I plan on touching them up a bit more later on but for now they are ready for the public.


1.0 Release


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  1. Mat4014 says:

    i dont get which is which color help

  2. KatiraYaoi says:

    Incredible! You have no idea how much I wanted them to recolor this ability! Thank you! <3
    Is it too much to ask you to tell what color each one is? Because I'm new to this kind of thing. n.nU
    Please could you do it? 🙂

    1. To make it easy its already note in the x2m details. Just right click the skill, edit, and it’ll be in the top name box.

      1. KatiraYaoi says:

        It’s true. I had not realized that. Hahaha XD
        Thanks you! ^u^

  3. Dreemurr8 says:

    Recolor packs are invaluable, thank you so much for this one!
    These all look really good well done!

    1. Thanks a lot! I definitely agree and its why I like doing packs like these!

  4. Shiro says:

    Have you considered doing a fiery one with Prominence Flash colors? Would probably look pretty slick.

    1. The Orange recolors usually are the ones I gear towards that god theme.

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October 12, 2021