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H-Xenoverse (SweetFX Preset)

Hello This is my SweetFX Preset i have been working on to go with HeirTalent's Coloring/Shading.

BY TH WAY HeirTalent has Released this H-Graphics Mod For Free SOOO GO GET IT!!!!HERE(

There are 2 Options, more may come. Mostly Sharpened image, made surfaces a bit more glossy, SMAA to help with AA, as well as Tweaked colors to be slightly more vibrant and with fuller colors.

Also turn these In-game settings off : FXAA, Glare, Depth of Field and Motion Blur.

And here is where i have gotten my settings for other things:

I use the 4x MSAA and the HBAO+ Settings for Nvidia Inspector (

I have a 2xWay SLI system, So If you do too the Nvidia Inspector Settings are here (

Credit for All character colors and shadings in photos go to Heirtalent (

Old SweetFx i Used By crazyjunkygames ( I based some of my work off this one, to help get to know how to configure and because his was the best SweetFx preset i could found when the game came one first.

Credit for Hit mod goes to Xan (

Credit for Champ mod goes to Sol Negro (

Credit for Universal World Tournament Stage mod goes to SonicDBZFan07 (

Credit for Goku GT mod goes to JanSSJ3 (

To install Go Download SweetFX 1.5 Here (

Then put all the files from SweetFX into your game's root folder, Then download my Mod. Pick option 1 or 2 (H-Xenoverse is 1 [my personal choice]) from here, overwrite the SweetFX_Settings.txt file in the root of your game folder with mine. Done, Enjoy!!


Added New Option Brighter & With Better Lighting [New Main Preset][Option 1] {made to look best with H-Graphics and Environments are lit up more in day and night) Name Change

Old Preset [DB Xenoverse V2] in Option 2 Folder with ScreenShots


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