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Hakaishin Form CAC

This transformation makes you a god of destruction (TAIL IS NOT INCLUDED IN TRANSFORMATION) is still a beta, in addition it is only for humans and Saiyans

New changes to the Cam could be made!!

2.0 added the cam for the transformation

1.5  removed the drainage of stamina from the transformation


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  1. star burst says:

    Animazione davvero bella, ora ti basta solo una bella cam ;D

    1. Kamaru says:

      Il prossimo update che uscirà a breve avrà una nuova angolazione della cam

  2. JokerP5 says:

    Just needs camera angles

    1. Kamaru says:

      in the next update I will put the cam

  3. Zaakuun says:

    make it that your top is blasted off to show the GOD of destruction sign

  4. I Need Help Learning To Upload Mods To My PS4

    1. only the PC version can be moded.

  5. Suepermanz says:

    when I used the transformation I didn’t get the cool animation Rikoudufox got my hair just turned brown and no aura showed it was just blank
    could you help me?

    1. Kamaru says:

      i’m very sorry, i double checked the mod and it gave me no errors 🙁 could you upload the problem video on youtube and send me the link?

        1. Kamaru says:

          I don’t know what could have happened, try to re-download the mod and re-install it, maybe fix the problem, it could conflict with other mods maybe: /

  6. Nice, just needs a good camera angle

  7. lewisstar says:

    Is there any chance the CaC’s hair could be just a bit more purple.

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July 22, 2021