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Improved Colors & Models (Revamp)

The objective of this mod is to change and improve, principally colors and models of the game inspired by the manga and the anime.

This is a very very beta version, so feel free to send any request that you may think necessary here XV2Matt#3123

At this moment, the mod changes the following characters:

All the super saiyans hair color (To a more goldish yellow)

All the legendary super saiyans hair color (To a consistent green)

Perfect and Super Perfect Cell (Hips and articulations, from purple to blue)

Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé to SSJ, it changes his skills colors too) **IT DOESN'T CHANGES HIS AURA**

All the super saiyans blue hair color (To a blue more similar to anime)

Gohan 1st and 2nd costume

Goten costume

Gotenks costume

Only the 1st Future Trunks Costume

SSBE Vegeta has been """removed""", as it never existed in the manga, is replaced by the SSB Full Power. I will change his name later

Nappa and Vegeta Scouter Color

Vegeta 7th costume (or frieza saga costume)

Zarbon leg warmers and arm warmers, to the same color as the manga

And last but not least important, big shoutouts to this mod, this was my inspiration to make my own version of a "Manga Colors Patch"


1.0: Beta Release

1.1: Reinstal the mod if you want SSBE Vegeta, if not, install the Vegeta SSBFP x2m

1.2: Added/Updated:

Vegeta 7th costume (Darker Suit Version)

Goku Black SSJ now is installed with a separate file

A file that returns goku black ssj to ssrosé

A folder called "Extra", which, for now, has a mod in x2m format of Gohan in his Great Saiyaman costume with 3 variations


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  1. goose says:

    Hiya! Thanks for this. Is it compatible with Revamp?

  2. kai_121 says:

    Super Saiyan Blue Evolved does exist in the manga, with that transformation Vegeta it’s the very first one to hit Jiren that even Ultra Instint Goku Sign couldn’t. But SSBE in the manga is not bulky, it’s just the Blue with a more intense aura around him (previously he was using the Full Power Blue that completely removes the aura around him), he also uses it to fight Moro in two times

    1. MattMLG says:

      Thats a good one, i didn’t realize of that, maybe i’ll do an improved version of Vegeta SSBE

      1. sigmamaverick9001 says:

        it also does have a darker color.

  3. God says:

    “SSBE Vegeta has been “””removed”””, as it never existed in the manga, is replaced by the SSB Full Power. I will change his name later”

    Good thing this is an anime-based game!

    1. sigmamaverick9001 says:

      it is also wrong lul, it does exist just like ssb kaioken

    2. It’s based on both. Goku’s hair looks closer to the style on the manga (as in, it doesn’t have the extra 4 spikes above his nape)

  4. sigmamaverick9001 says:

    You are mistaken in one thing: SSBE exists in the manga actually. It’s his different thing from blue full power and has been used during the T.O.P and Moro arcs

    1. MattMLG says:

      Thanks for requesting!
      I’ll put it into the next update as an optional style.
      I want to have some requests before posting it

  5. 6rexx says:

    Very amazing mod! Good work.

  6. Ardynal says:

    I loved it. My question is if I could install only the changes I’d like to apply, because I like Goku Black Rosé and the scouters the way they are.

    1. MattMLG says:

      I forgot about the scouters, but now you can install SSJ Black Goku separately, and if you want SSRosé back, there is a file that can do that

  7. negi springfield says:

    If you don’t mind me making a minor request, Vegeta’s Frieza saga outfit but a very, very dark shade of blue, almost black, like it was in the anime instead of the slightly bolder blue it is in base game Xenoverse 2.

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