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Johann de Sade

So, are you looking for something new? Bored of the same old Super Saiyan schlock that has a power level of over 5 million lumens? Too much beam spamming got you down?

Maybe you're looking for something a bit more personal. Someone that can bring the fucking hate.

Ever wanted to break arms in Xenoverse 2? Judo throw a fool into the ground for the first time in known Xenoverse 2 modding historyMaybe you like wrestling? Or maybe you're looking for the first ever character with a lewd move! Lord knows I've waited on a character like that for years!

If any of the above applies to you—well, Johann de Sade's just waiting for you: the download button's right there.

BIO: He's meant to be a ryona aggressor, and that's all you probably need to know. Despite being designed as a ryona aggressor, he doesn't have any moves that would (explicitly) warrant an NSFW tag. You can just think of him as a wrestler, then.


Why Fling Ki When Can Punch: Has no ki blasts in moveset.

Gut Punch: Light Combo 1 and 7 Heavy Followup. Low damage but reduces Ki and Stamina by 500.

Oosotogari: Boost Heavy and Light Combo 2 & 3 Heavy Followup. Sends enemies to the ground with a judo throw.

Atomic Drop: Light Combo 4 Heavy Followup. Low damage, full Ki damage and deactivates enemy transformations because CBT is how you deactivate a Super Saiyan.

Reverse Gutwrench Drop: Light Combo 5 Heavy Followup. High damage. Aleksandr Karelin would be proud.

Gutwrench Powerbomb: Light Combo 6 Heavy Followup and Heavy Combo 1 Light. Higher damage than Reverse Gutwrench Drop.

Triple Powerbomb: Light Combo 8 Heavy Followup. Extremely high damage. Difficult to do follow-up attacks afterwards.

Emerald Flowsion: Light Combo 9. Large damage and full stamina reduction.

Brainbuster: Heavy Combo 2 and 3 into Light Followup. Medium damage. BRAINBUSTAAAAAAAAAA

Bear Hug: Guard + Ki Blast, takes the place of the regular throw.

Pin Down Mount Knees: After landing Light Stamina Break, press Heavy. Medium damage, full ki depletion.

COUNTERS: All counters have super armor that draws from stamina.

Flying Leg Lock: Press Light Attack while being damaged. Deals medium damage and 300 ki damage.

SADOMASO Bear Hug: Press Heavy Attack while being damaged. Deals medium damage and 300 stamina damage.

Instant German Suplex: Press Ki Blast while being damaged. Teleports behind enemy, sending them to the ground and dealing low damage.

Your Hitstun Doesn't Scare Me, I Have Wavedashes: Press Block while being damaged. Does a Panther Step.

BRUTAL STOMPING GROUND: Light + Ki Blast to start a stomping chain that hits grounded opponents. Three more Light Attacks can be done for extra attacks.

BRUTAL FINISHES: Grabs that cost 500 ki to do and are accessible after every attack in the chain, save for the last stomp.

Rear Naked Neck Snap: Heavy Attack after the first attack. Does high damage and fully depletes the enemy's Stamina.

Cross Armbar: Heavy Attack after the second attack. Does high damage and fully depletes the enemy's Ki.

Mudhole Stomping: Heavy Attack after the third attack. Does extremely high damage. Painful to look at.

Manhattan Stomp: Final Stomp in the chain. Grants 300 ki and stamina. This leaves the opponent grounded for a hilariously extended period of time.

PANTHER STEP: Replaces Blastaway, Heavy + Ki Blast. Short dash forward with full i-frames. Can unleash unique moves during the dash. Keep in mind that certain follow-up moves have no i-frames.


My Best Mishima Impression: Heavy Attack. Does another Panther Step. Spammable at will, kinda hilarious to look at lol

Tornado Backhand: Press Light Attack. Does a quick spinning backhand. Has full i-frames.

Totally Generic Combo Extender: Chains into Light and Heavy Combos.

Crow Flying Kick: Press backward (or move in the opposite direction of the opponent). A piercing kick that breaks guards.

Capital Punishment: Light Attack. Does Heavy Attack 5.

Sneaky Bastard: Heavy Attack. Teleports behind enemy, deals medium damage and 300 stamina damage.

Double G Fist: Press forward (or move in the direction of the opponent). A strong fist that forces the opponent into stomach stun.

The Chronic: Light Attack. Links back to Light Combo chain.

Arm Breaker: Heavy Attack. Deals medium damage and 300 ki damage.

HEDONE STANCE: While Guarding, Light + Heavy to take a special stance. uh oh! you friccin moron,,, someones about to get beaned! Has i-frames.

These grabs are not good for combat and won't do much damage. It's not like they're meant for combat, anyway...

Romero Special: Light Attack.

Banana Split: Heavy Attack.

Inverted Rafflesia: Ki Blast.

If I Released This Dance Separately It Would Get More Downloads: Guard + Vanish to dance like Chad. Heals a small amount of health every loop. This dance requires a just frame input to execute. pimpin aint easy


This is my second mod. I genuinely still have no idea what I'm doing.

CRASHES? Modify the x2m to not use his VOX file. why do acbs have that kind of power

god i wish i knew how to use custom camera eans, but half the fun is making your own bac camera angles

The moveset is filled with grabs because I fucking applied myself motherfucker

the stubble hastily stolen from hercule looked better in my head

can you spot all the times when johann pulls out his creep face

Grabs are gonna look weird sometimes. Unavoidable due to ThrowHandler limitations. Most grabs are sized for tall characters. You could get around this problem by changing his BCS size in characreat to be compatible on a smaller/taller character.

Notable grabs that will look very much weird on size differences:

Rear Naked Neck Snap (attached to Pelvis)

Romero Special (attached to LHand)

Part vent art, part flex, part challenge to the modding community, and most of all—one-hundred percent power fantasy.

I know what you're thinking, but the funny thing is, I don't even like Dragon Ball.


if you're gonna use any animations from here in a release:

Any combat animation: credit SutandoTsukai instead

The Chad Dance/Shake It: credit Astolfo Alter instead


credits to the following games for ported assets used: Street Fighter V, Kurohyou 1 and 2, Yakuza 0, Def Jam: Fight for NY, Friday the 13th: The Game, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ASB:R, Team Fortress 2, Rogue Warrior, Cruelty Squad

credits to SutandoTsukai for kurohyou ELPK exporter and gmt Blender tool. no seriously he kinda chad

credits to Unleashed for Flow. good tool

credits to Astolfo Alter for porting the Shake It dance to FBX

credits to ZaikoShen's Breakers modder's resource (the shoes)


credits to MikikoX for Black hair Android 21 in one of the pictures

credits to Revamp Team for allowing me to even Future Gohan's arms out and judo throw their Piccolo

x2m what are u doing


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September 26, 2022


Leave a Reply

  1. haldir307 says:

    Are those real life wrestling and martial arts moves? :O
    Awesome 😀
    Your mod needs a video showcase!

  2. antivirus18 says:

    DOG FIRE you should make these skills too

  3. Something about that fourth screenshot. LOL!

  4. justris says:

    Please make some of these into skills

  5. Wumpaman19 says:

    plz plz plz plz plz make a King from tekken mod with the same moveset plz im begging

  6. This is like the best mod I have ever tried XD. It’s so handy in PQ’s when enemies wanna Ki blast you while you’re in the middle of a combo!

  • 2uploads
File size
8.28 MB
September 26, 2022

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