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Kesai’s Skill Pack!

Aye it's been a while my dudes, though this isn't the usual moveset creating I did before.

I have for you guys some skills I created for Kesai, my second oc in the making. This skills include..

Tyrant DX - Fast travelling blast

You're Finished! - A move I tried to mimic from Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast 2

Sudden Strike - Teleport to your opponent instantly with a very stunning blow

Spirit Explosion - Just a recolor, nothing special

Solferino Rush - Just check the video, too much detail smh

Super Kamehameha - Recolored and warp kamehameha animation to be more dramatic


Known issues!

Sudden strike's tracking is very weird, sometimes i'll track but not hit due to it being stuck in a certain frame. I'm looking into it as this is being uploaded and it will be fixed when updated.

Solferino's beam audio can double at random points making it very annoyingly loud, this issue I'm unsure how to fix but I'm also looking into that as well.


Want a recolor? Leave a like and comment it on the video, I rarely look at the replies on here. More than likely recolors wont be a problem.

As always thanks to the peeps in the Citadel server for the help <3

Cya on the next one bros

Eternity's thing, y'all know the deal

1.0 Release


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October 1, 2019