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Last Resort Fusion – GOGETA

Featuring a brand new Ultimate, Awoken Skill and hair model Gogeta arrives looking and playing better than ever before.

Stardust Rain - Land a powerful punch and kick your opponent away before blasting them with a devastating barrage of ki blasts! Be warned, this skill proves weaker on the ground due to collisions with the floor.

New Awoken - Unleash the most stylish transformation into SSJ yet, and further dominate your opponents by revealing the incredible power of SSGSS!

Also features minor alterations to moveset to fix minor bugs found in official moveset, such as specific attacks with very low chances of actually landing.

Happy new year everyone! To make up for the lack of releases in 2018, we figured we’d start off the new year with improvements we too wanted to see in DIMPS' SSGSS Gogeta!

Server Invite:

Usual X2M installation through xv2ins - God Punisher replacer included in X2M

V1.0: Release


  • Adjusted Vanilla Colour X2M's DYTs
  • Adjusted Character's CML to both X2Ms


  • Adjusted Stardust Rain projectile barrage heavily, fixed bug when landing punch at last chance resulting in skill failing, improved damage heavily (9K at base - 13K at SSGSS)
  • Added SSGSS standalone skill for SSJ preset
  • Hair normals polished (smoother textures)
  • Added changing portraits for transforming into SSJ/SSGSS, also added proper base form portrait
  • Added hitboxes and super armour to transformation skills to make them more viable in combat
  • Further adjusted heavy-light-heavy moveset to improve chances of landing with final hit


  • Gogeta's Vanilla Colours X2m fixed.
  • Gogeta's idle animation fixed. (He finally smiles now, the smug boy lives)


Leave a Reply

  1. Ultra Z says:

    bruh when i try and go blue with gogeta he goes completely black anybody know how to fix this?

  2. Gogeta turns into a dark shade of black when he transforms into Blue, anyway to fix that?

    1. Darthnader says:

      there used to be a fix in the comments but the update deleted it

  3. matt1998 says:

    PLEASE FIX! he turns completly black with white hair when you transform!

  4. Broku565 says:

    please fix when i go ssj blue he goes completely black

  5. Will there ever be another update on this? Like giving Gogeta Meteor Explosion and Full Force Kamehameha?

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January 6, 2019