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Martial Moveset – HUM/SYM

I hope you enjoy :D


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    1. star burst says:

      Thanks man 😀

  1. Big_JMillion says:

    Great Moveset but some of the combo strings don’t work. Some of the knock away combos don’t have follow ups.

    1. star burst says:

      Bro i’m sorry but this moveset works perfectly with me … I tested it, I looked for all the combinations that did not connect well with each other (sorry for my english lmao)

      1. Big_JMillion says:

        You’re ok lol. I usually always spam the light and heavy buttons together. I noticed that on one of the knock away combos my cac would do a spin kick. It look like from gotenks

  2. SharkAttack says:

    where can i get that mask
    or others masks

      1. SharkAttack says:

        Thanks man

  3. G119 G110 says:

    noiice moves lad

  4. DeletThis64 says:

    Fantastic mod all around, but don’t martial artists usually have guard-like stances that enables them to defend themselves easily? I feel like the UI Goku/SSJ3 stance was a bit of an odd choice, given that it leaves your CAC wide open…

star burst
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April 7, 2021