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Milk’s fusion vest shop

Hi there, welcome to my shop!

Searching for a new vest for your CaC/OC fusion? Take a look, you might find something you like.

Current stock:

-Future Trunks inspired

  • No T-shirt version

-Majin Buu inspired

-Mr. Popo inspired

-Android 18 inspired

  • No T-shirt version

Custom vests:

-R&R vest

-Fusion Gi

-Intergalactic vest

-Triangle vest

You want any of these? They're yours my friend, as long as you have enough TP medals.

Jokes aside. Merged some base game outfits to try and make fusion outfits a little bit more unique than just using Gogeta's top. Only for Saiyan/Human males for now, female support will be considered if people ask for it. Have any ideas for more vests? leave 'em in the comments and I'll see what I can do.


All vests are now available for SYF and HUF


Custom Underhirt fusion vest

Gogito inspired (requested by  KatiraYaoi)


Muscular fusion vest: This is the usual fusion vest (last pic) using a new, more muscular body made by Søul#0830 All credits go to them.

Huge thanks for the support! Don't be afraid of leaving ideas or issues in the comments, I'll check 'em out.


install any of the x2m

re-install the x2ms (if you had the previous version)


Male support


Female support update

more updates:

-Ss4 support


Leave a Reply

  1. KatiraYaoi says:

    I love them! <3 Can you make one of Gogetto? Please?

    1. milk Man says:

      Done! both HUM and SYF can use it!

  2. MKV says:

    Amazing! I want them for SYF.

  3. Johnathan Riviera says:

    SYF please! That would really just be more convenient for the people who don’t use male characters.

  4. Buff Popo says:

    Popo approves.

  5. Nakejin says:

    Love your fusion vest dude, 10/10

  6. Minibord345 says:

    They all look Amazing UwU. Can the Fusion vest be colorable ? OwO

    1. milk Man says:

      I don’t think I can make all of them, but I can surely make a colorable base fusion vest!

milk Man
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