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Multi-colour Aura

I've figured out how to have more than one colour in you're aura, by using aura editor I've fiddled around and given the slot used for characters with no aura....I then put an aura into it for all races

feel free to edit your character to use the aura number 12, its hex ID is 0c the base for the " nothing " aura is unlock potential but when you charge up you're ki it changes to the ssgssj aura if you want the red and purple one you're character has to have villainous super saiyan ....Vss 1 not Vss2 the Vss aura is kaioken for base but when you charge up it's the regular VSS aura, when the charge is complete it's cell's aura effect for the charge complete

check out my video for it here:

if you're gonna use this then give me credit and link to this mod page please and thank you in advance!

place aura_settings.aur into data2/ system

1.0 : initial release

1.5 : changed all aura's to number 12 * nothing * aura


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April 14, 2016