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New Training Suit for Males and Females Cacs

Just reuploading this mod i made back in 2019 and got lost after the website crash. A new training suit for Huf/Syf Hum/Sym

Colorable Standalone (x2m) or replacer version ( id 312 -Time Patroller Battle Suit)

You can buy at clothing shop for 1 zeni and sell for 90.000, each.

X2M installer eternity tool:


Drag 'n drop files.

v1.0 -->> Initial Release


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  1. dantles says:

    one more cool outfit, thank you for making it

  2. Dark_Shasion says:

    Can this be use for Female Majins in the future?

    1. funfordiego says:

      I guess so, brodar. I didn’t have Mafs in mind when i made this a while back but it’d be kinda fast to port.
      I’ll see what i can do about it 🙂

  3. phantrucdiep says:

    sweet! and… can u share ur hair mod? >_>

    1. funfordiego says:

      Thank you, brodar!
      Sure, it is part of my Hair pack 5, you can find it here:

      You can find all my mods here:

  4. Hoey482 says:

    can you do the damged turtle hermit gi when the top is like completely destroyed the top for ui goku for femal sayin cac

    1. funfordiego says:

      I think that was already made by someone around?

  5. WRC Uno says:

    can you update this so it is compatible with Sorrels pants from “Sorrel’s Outfit”? there’s a small area when wearing both the top of this mod and the bottom of Sorrel’s mod where its missing a texture. The 2 clothes go together perfectly otherwise

    1. funfordiego says:

      Hey brodar
      This new suit i made is completely compatible with default bodies , looks like that one you showed is not. That is why you have that gape when you try to use both , together. You’d need to ask alfq to update his mod , coverting that part cause i can’t edit his model/work.

  6. ssj4ori says:

    can we get a long sleeve high collar one?

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February 14, 2021