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new transformation’s for CAC

new transformations for CAC male and female saiyans the stiff tail as seen in video was me not having a tail compatable moveset please ignore





ssj4 limit breaker

i have used assests from various other mods to make this happen

unleasheds first time ssj for ssj1  found here

legends vegito mod from halloweenpands found here

gamer chiefs shallot mod for ssj3 and 4   found here


the aura for limit break ssj4 is from kristals limit breaker ssj4 mods of goku and vegeta found here


the bust used is linklink117 ssj4 abbes bust found here


i have gotten permission from all source content


hair ids given in the notepad doc in file

install aura

install x2m good to go

updated the hair colour issue people have been having with custom hairs


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  1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

    Dragneel can I use your models? (HUF_417_Face_forehead and HUM_416_Face_forehead).
    I will credit you with the link to your mod.

  2. Would anyone be able to help with a mod? I want to make a mod that essentially combines the Lazybones Super Saiyan all mod with the Limit Breaker Super Saiyan 4 mod by Dragneel, I am trying to get it to go in the transformation order I want which is Super Saiyan 1-3, God, Blue, 4, then 4 Limit Break.

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      Hello I already have some transformation in my mod if you want I can create for you and put in the next update just ask in the comments,
      but not yet with the dragneel files.

  3. Zordhy says:

    fui instalar,apareceu umas mensagens dizendo q era incompativel com a versão,sendo q eu ja tinha colocando antes,na mesma versão,tinha desinstalado antes pra ver uma coisa,qnd fui instalar dnv,qnd vejo meu xv2ins n tem mais 1 mod sequer

  4. enriletin says:

    hola tengo un problema cuando me transformo en ssj4 común las cejas de mi personaje son amarillas como lo soluciono

  5. enriletin says:

    hello i have a problem when i transform into common ssj4 my character’s eyebrows are yellow how do i fix it

  6. Caelum says:

    Could you make a version without the first time ssj transformation? As cinematic as it is that transformation takes waaay too long to activate

  7. Saiyan White says:

    Help, there is no skill to buy it, and according to the skill creator, it can be bought.

  8. MajorMez says:

    Dragneel this is an amazing mod, especially with the SSJ4 LB. Question, would you be able to tell me how to get the HUF SSJ4 Gogeta LB hair you have on your female LB variant, over to the male variant? I tried copying the HUF 417 Hair files, renaming them to HUM 417, replacing the original SSJ4 Goku HUM 417 file, but then it puts the hairstyle in my chest, as it seems the height was set to HUF height, how can I adjust? Any oother SSJ4 Gogeta hair x2m I find is missing the shimmering white lines present LB fur.

  9. If i may, the first transformation is just way too long i’d had already been guard broken 10 times over by the time it gets done. The HUF 299 forehead and eyes do not work say if someone has a face placed in that spot they cannot use it.

  10. astillan says:

    Hi, love this mod but there is a green outline that appears when using destructive fracture.

  11. I am curious as to how you made new hair IDs for the super saiyan 1-4 transformations, can you tell me how you did it? I want to give each of my male saiyans there own hairstyles for each of there transformations.

  12. How did you set up the eyes and eyebrows to change color? I copied your x2m costume files and the aura and patcher numbers into the skill create and I can’t get them to change. Also how did you install those animations I tried applying to mine that uses a Lazybones mod base it doesn’t work at all. If I can get this to work do I have permission to upload the mod with credit given to you of course.

  13. can you download this mod please

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November 28, 2020