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Okraz’s New Style Armor Pack (Colorable/Non-Colorable)

Hey y'all this is my first big pack since I took a break for modding.

Included is 12 x2ms actually 24 if count colorable versions.

I tried to go with a unique but familiar style.

Everyone who wants to use these armors in other mods you are free to do so. However, please make sure that you do a couple things.

Link the mod please I spent a lot of time and re learning things so please make sure you credit me.

Please mention somewhere in your release that I made the armor.

If you are just taking my armor and putting it on in game characters. I ask that you please give me a co-author credit as my armor is the thing mod is about.

If have any questions about credit or use please feel free to message me on discord. Just be direct please. I don't have a lot of time these days. Also, don't message me to make something. I don't take requests and don't have a way for you to pay me to make mods. I make them cause it's a fun and creative outlet for me. Designing them is most of the fun.

I will not be making female versions as I personally don't like designing things for female characters because I never use them in game. If you wish to convert or take inspiration from my pack to make a female version go on ahead. Just mention where idea or if using my models credit me like said before.

Hope you enjoy this pack!



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  1. Omni Vegito says:

    can make ones with capes it like this armors

  2. Raiser says:

    These look awesome, great job!

  3. zenth289 says:

    Is any race able to wear this armor?
    Saiyan male/human male?
    Can a female saiyan/human wear it to?

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File size
51.76 MB
July 22, 2021