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Revamp Xenoverse 2 Project – Complete Edition (Compatibility Update)

Welcome to the Download Page for the Revamp Xenoverse 2 Project: COMPLETE EDITION!

This Project's purpose is to take Vanilla Xenoverse 2, and improve upon it with new models, new textures, new auras, new costumes and simply new of anything that we thought we could improve upon!

This Project also serves as a Modder's Resource for people who want to make Mods in the same style as Revamp. You are fully free to use our assets for your own mod however, Lobby Characters and Add-On Characters are not a free resource and you will have to ask permission. If you upload it we would appreciate if you provided Credits, as well as a link to This Download page.

We recommend playing the game with the mod installed at 60 fps or below.


Known bugs:

Pink Frieza Head Crystal issue

Base Goku hair physics rig

Clone Goku and Clone Gohan turn don't have Super Saiyan shaders and revert back to Normal Goku and Gohan's Super Saiyan shaders.

Goku (Limit Breaker Super Saiyan 4) and Vegeta (Limit Breaker Super Saiyan 4) have issues in the Versus loading screen with their hair.

Some animations are using Work In progress versions

Please, let us know of any other bugs on our discord server!



Credits: Revamp Group Credits

Twitter: Revamp Team Twitter Page

Revamp Xenoverse 2 Server Discord Link: Revamp Team Discord Server

Install X2M First

LB Installer

Click the .exe and follow the steps (Your antivirus might delete the file)


  • Version 1.0.0: Release
  • Version 1.1.0: Update 1
  • Version 1.2.0: Update 2
  • Version 1.2.1: Mini Update 1
  • Version 1.3.0: Update 3
  • Version 1.3.1: Mini Update 2
  • Version 1.4.0: Update 4
  • Version 1.5.0: Update 5
  • Version 1.5.1: Mini Update 3
  • Version 1.5.2: Mini Update 4
  • Version 1.6.0: Update 6
  • Version 1.6.1: Mini Update 5
  • Version 1.6.2: Mini Update 6
  • Version 1.6.3: Mini Update 7
  • Version 1.7.0: Update 7
  • Version 1.7.1: Mini Update 8
  • Version 2.0.0: Big Update 1 & Intro Update 1
  • Version 3.0.0: Big Update 2 & Intro Update 2
  • Version 3.0.1: Bug Fixes
  • Version 3.1.0: Update for 1.15
  • Version 3.2.0: Update for Legendary Pack 1
  • Version 4.0.0: Major Update 3
  • Version 4.0.1: Themed Update 1
  • Version 4.0.2: Update for Legendary Pack 2
  • Version 4.0.3: April Update
  • Version 4.0.3: April Update (Fixed Custom Install)
  • Version 4.0.4: April Fools Update (1.17.2 Compatibility)
  • Version 4.0.5: Summer Themed Update (1.18 Compatibility)
  • Version 4.0.6: Summer Themed Update (Bug Fixes)
  • Version 4.0.7: Summer Theme Update (Hotfix)
  • Version 4.0.8: 1.18.1 Compatibility
  • Version 4.0.9: 1.19 Compatibility
Revamp Team
  • 1uploads
4.0.9 (Compatibility Update)
Credit given to modders
Revamp Team (Check "credits.txt" for full Credits)
November 20, 2022


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  1. Let’s hope this is the last time the comments get nuked.

    1. Vanitas says:

      Has that been happening to other comment sections in mod pages? I feel like there were some mods that should definitely have had comments.

      1. This is because popular mods typically have a long comment section. For whoever wants to manage the questions/comments/concerns for new updates it serves as a new and fresh page for that individual to scan through quickly without worrying about older invalid comments about something not working.

  2. gokablack says:

    How do i revamp the portraits

  3. Fabritex90 says:

    If I install this mod, I can install graphic mods? or would the game not respond?

    1. Antrai says:

      Open the installer click on unistall 😉

      1. FireBird says:

        that not how it works for it im searching a way tho

  4. Antrai says:

    Good work its really something special i wanted to say that first so the whole text doesn’t sound so negative 🙂

    You guys should consider to give mod users more information on how to install the mod correctly. Cause new people doesn’t know that they need XVpatcher before they install or even hint them to the learning curve of how to handle modding for this game. For all users you should notice that the mod only works correctly with the eng version of xenoverse. For everyone who wonders why the character selection in vs or pq having artifacts its because you have not a english text based version of xenoverse and thats killing the ui even without new portraits ;).

    Also i found several bugs in the mod like black objects become greyish because the color on the goku hair accesoire was changed i guess? Ginyu has a black face i found that this is because the face files or body files are corrupted in chara/gny folder for users of the mod just delete those and its all good again.

    The other thing i want to address is the lack of general information about the mod and presentation. You guys should maybe make a list of changes on all web pages cause its really confusing to grasp what this mod changes and people want sure use some additional mods and if they don’t know what was touched on and what not, its hard to verify how to fix errors or report bugs anyways.

    Sooo that clarified your mod is really awesome from what i saw in 10 hours of playing it maybe a little rough on the edges (yajirobi cutting scene really funny XD) but still without having a proper creation kit like skyrim really well done.

    This is no bitching or complaining more a good advice cause if that information would be there in 1st place you would gather more attention from people not everyone on this planet has modding experience to begin with and i kinda think especially people that go to school and have to focus on important stuff can’t spent all their time into learning some complicated folder/archive rhytmen.

    Thanks for the hard work keep it up its really awesome to see Radditz have to spitting that blood out after that special beam stomach. 🙂

    1. HEAVENLY says:

      yeah i can understand a lot of these points, still such a banger mod though, i’m obsessed with rising punisher lol

  5. KuroTenshi28 says:


    You made a wonderful work ! I just wondered if It would be possible to get an “extra” to get goku’s (and Kuririn and Yamucha) red gi back. I don’t like the orange color, that is not true to the anime. And it is not consistant with LazyBone transformation.

    Thank you in advance

  6. Does anyone else have a red outline around Blue Evolution Vegeta? It is only him and not even when my characters use Blue Evolution?

  7. Also can I keep Frieza’s normal purple skin stone instead of the pink? It looks really weird with the custom colors.

  8. Tiny says:

    and now we wait for this to be updated since the tools just got updated

  9. Jerex666 says:

    I have a problem, after updating, when installing mystery characters and super Pikkon, all of their skills have no sound whatsoever, do they need updating or am I doing something wrong? Don’t know if I’m the only one with this issue, I really need those skills, they’re super fitting for my oc.

  10. Jerex666 says:

    I also did install these things on a clean copy

  11. Tiny says:

    its strange, i tried installing this update and for some reason when i loaded in literally all the expert mission rifts were gone as were every mentor and when i try to do any mission regardless of it being a story mission, a DLC mission a normal PQ or even a modded PQ the game fades to black then CTDs………….. could this be because i tried installing all the revamp character packs (vegito and his quest, pikkon, gogeta and even the “mystery pack”) or is it because of something else

  12. Deadliner234 says:

    everytime i install it i cant access the photo mode or even to choose my characters. this is after the 3.16 patch and xv2patcher

    1. I have had that problem, it has something to do with the revamped portraits, if you don’t install the portraits it should work fine.

      1. deasehack says:

        to install the portraits you must install a cac mod before and then the revamp with the option you want.

    2. deasehack says:

      requirements: xenoverse 2 “1.16.01” and xvpatcher 3.62. / xv2ins 3.6

  13. Zakui says:

    where is the download button?

  14. Disciple007 says:

    Why is revamp not working? When ever I go to character select, the game shuts off.. I uninstall revamp and then it works again

    1. Disciple007 says:

      Please forgive me and ignore my last comment. I realize now that I was trying to install a previous revamp version which wasn’t compatible with the new update.

    2. FireBird says:

      how you uninstalled each time i try to going into files and mod installer it dont want to uninstall

  15. muq says:

    does this work with the current DBX2

  16. Zola253 says:

    The game crashes when you load to pick a character to fight with in a quest or local. why?

      1. Monkeman says:

        won’t that delete all my mods

  17. lat says:

    the mod makes the game close when it goes into the selection of characters probably something from the new update has made the game not load something and make it close

  18. NSBLD says:

    Hey umm the transfer shop clerk isn’t working for me to finish the story line is that any way I can fix that

  19. Hopefully there will be a Expert Mission Custom Team Add on

  20. Kakarot243 says:

    The mod is quite excellent ! Great work ! The skills : Super kamehameha and Final Kamehameha are a Whole lot BETTER NOW! Excellent ! Keep it up!
    I cannot see the improved portraits of characters in battle . Is it a problem , or do you guys plan to improve this in the next update ?

  21. Kakarot243 says:

    GREAT MOD ! The skills have got quite improved ! Excellent work , Revamp Team ! Could you guys just change the name of “Prince of Destruction Vegeta” to Majin Vegeta ? That would be appreciated !

  22. Kakarot243 says:

    Hey , Revamp Team ! Can you guys please just reply me ONE thing? Yeah ! ONLY ONE! You people have posted a video . In that video I saw Goku SSGSS And Hit were fighting in a simple offline battle . I noticed the revamped portraits were there in battle . When I installed the mod ,only charaters selection screen had those revamped portraits . How do I keep those in battle ?

  23. ssjgoku123 says:

    Hi Im new to this website so an you pls explain how I can dowload this

  24. ssjgoku123 says:

    Nevermind but where can I find the exe

  25. Rameel18 says:


  26. calodemon says:

    yo where is the freakin link to download

  27. ZenithGate says:

    Is this graphically demanding?

  28. neowolf2909 says:

    Hay is there cac awoken skills

  29. Exo says:

    “Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time.
    Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can’t access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator” How can i fix this

    1. deltaforus says:

      I’ve been having the same problem since yesterday, I can’t download anything.

  30. Camon says:

    i keep getting an error when trying to install revamped. It says “Failed to install at CUS phase (extras/extra_roster_expansion/system/custom_skill.cus.xml). Required X2M skill not found. Install failed. Binding: {X2MSkillD1=(5de08e29-917b-1f98-1b4a-be0fac913eed;Awoken)} (I_24) Can someone please help me with this? I have no clue how to fix it.

    1. qiphy says:

      Hello, I’ve had the same problem as you and I figured it out. You have two install the X2M file first, then run the installer, it worked for me as they are specifically labeled 1 and 2 as in steps and I guess it was my fault for not reading the instructions but I hope it helps.

      1. Nas00 says:

        One year later, but still thanks a lot.

  31. Anime_WRXLD says:

    My Brain Is About To fry: Failed At CharaSlots install Phase

    attempted to install a slot that already existed

    please help me ive been trying to fix this for 2 hours i cant understand why its doing this…

    1. Anime_WRXLD says:

      i managed to fix this by unchecking the box: Revamp Roster Expansion (0.1)

  32. dpottorff1 says:

    Are the new dlc’s required for this mod?

  33. Great Update! I wanted to ask, is there any way to keep the blue color of the hud? An option to choose the hud color in the installer would be nice.

  34. Carl says:

    Does this require any of the legendary packs dlcs?

  35. The new update has been causing problems with the Super Saiyans God and Blue Lazybones transformation, it keeps causing the eyebrows and eyes of male saiyans to be the wrong color.

    1. It’s also not applying the new God and Blue auras to female saiyans.

  36. ssj200514 says:

    Do you recommend installing a revamp first and then a new transformation installer from Lazybone or reverse?

  37. Hey, i love this mod, and im waiting for the patcher to get updated before i download it, but while im waiting i was wondering if New Transformations and Animated Saiyan Tails, and Coton Tournament anytime work with this mod?

  38. Now this is a challenge. . . how about a naruto crossover. . . like skill wise like in storm 4 uwu

  39. What version of xenoverse do I need?

  40. Drunk-Chara says:

    can someone tell me how people are installing mods?
    cuz i thought the tools were outdated as of the newest dlc release?

  41. voxith says:

    Please add xeno trunks ssj god to the roster. It would be epic!

  42. Senrei says:

    Hello how do you manage to be able to play? the xv2Patcher was updated?

  43. shakurdele says:

    Sorry guys but I have to ask does the revamp mode work on crack?

    1. aliffathoni says:

      I’ve tried myself but the results always fail and the hair becomes floating and very big

  44. trakazor132 says:

    Firstly not a fan of the new Adult Gohan hair I like what you’re trying to go for but the base and super saiyan hairs just don’t look good imo.

    Also how did you guys get the newest dlc on an old version of the game?

    1. trakazor132 says:

      a couple of follow up issues. ss4LB goku and vegeta have a texture issue where instead of having the reflective appearance just has solid colours on it (ie the hair is a hard red and black instead of working with the lighting, and the body is covered in white lines) other LB characters using the same texture style are working fine.

      The added SSB gogetas have turned into goku models and I can no longer use gogeta in partner customization.

  45. JokerP5 says:

    Installing new transformations with revamp makes the auras corrupted. Anyone know how to fix them?

    1. I haven’t had this issue, but from my experience, the way to fix 99% of issues is to install the X2M files using XV2INS, then run the Install Programs in order like this;

      NT, Revamp, Auras/skillsets. No issues with corrupting auras, even if i use ‘Custom’ to use custom modded auras, as well as Vanilla auras.

  46. SaiyensOfAll says:

    I can’t install it it says : Requires “XM2” File and i don’t know how to download it i can’t find it 🙁

  47. Hakiro19 says:

    the mod doesn’t work but my game is original and writes a error
    the error is “Patch failed” to remove AuraLimit: Uninstall AuraLimit1
    Game version is 1.17.01

    1. Anime_WRXLD says:

      has to 1.16 for now we have to wait for a new patcher or downgrade…

      1. infern24 says:

        I doubt they meant they were playing on 1.17, I think they meant the mod was probably made thinking 1.17 would be out already, hence why for me, it keeps failing on the installer even though I’m still on 1.16, not only that, even the x2ms themselves keep failing to install properly with the characters missing skills because the x2m for some reason won’t install the skills. I ended up having to forgo the mod entirely and just manually install the skills, apply the skills to the addon characters and install them, all for them to work, without having revamp installed. this whole complete edition is a bad idea in my opinion, everything worked better when it was all separate mods. I haven’t tried the christmas update yet but I’m wary to after all that. I mean no offense to the mod makers when saying this and I wish everyone a merry christmas.

        1. Anime_WRXLD says:

          yea im having a few issues myself as of installing the christmas update im getting a error that i think is associated with majin 21’s arura
          idk how to fix that so im not going to bother also i cant install the new partner characters because of a different error that also dont know how to fix so i just uncheck that box…

    2. Nuko says:

      Well i do own 1.16 as a cracked version from FitGirl . since i didnt want to mod the original live copy – it works fine so far exept for e few skills eyther breaking or not showing at all and causing the character to glitch . the other isue im having is :: when im trying to accept the vegeta and goky spar mission from bulma game crashed to desktop – other than those issues the game seems to run smoothly

      1. Anime_WRXLD says:

        idk man i dont want to be that guy but using a cracked version of a game and then trying to mod it is like running on wet cement you are going to have some problem’s. is there any way you can use a legit version and see if you get the same results?

        1. Nuko says:

          welp idk – so far it runs well – having fun with mixed builds etc – also i dont see the downside of using both live and cracked – i mean the game is allready bought – craked just lets me experiment and have fun offline without runing the chance of accidently bringing a mod during live play / break anything in my save – i mean even GameFreak wich seems very clingy with theyr pokemon franchise stated that if you have allready the sword and shield game there is no harm using emulators to experiment with mods . at least thats how i see it ( also the runing fine part ; its relative – some skills dont appear or break upon use – its a minor issue tho also that bulma quest not starting feels very anoying )

  48. Resurgence says:

    Can you fix it so after the installer without a fresh install it doesn’t cause the game to break

  49. edwardisdumb says:

    Why can’t I go to any of the portals?? Or time rift

  50. edwardisdumb says:

    Why can’t I go to any of the portals and time rifts??

  51. Nuko says:

    Are there any specific requirements on runing this ?cause when ever im trying it on my cracked version of 1.16 and trying to accept the goku and vegeta quest from bulma – game crashes on desktop ( im using 2 versions of the game – Live one on steam and cracked – dont want to mod Live version as of this time )

    1. Takii227 says:

      Your problem is you’re using a pirated version of the game.

      1. Nuko says:

        Well yeah ? why would i possibly experiment with mods on my live version and break it or one of my saves ?

  52. esebet says:

    Is there any way to change conton city from night to day and backwards?

  53. These are just some things I have noticed after installing the mod;

    Triple Golden Supernova does NOT work at all, I’ve tried it out multiple times and it just stops in place after draining the ki needed.

    Golden Supernova can LOCK you permanently in a ‘standing’ animation after using it 2 times in a row; I got locked in place for well over a minute because of that.

    Final Galick Thrust simply does a ‘punch through’ animation after connecting, and doesn’t follow up with the ki blast, however, the ‘missed’ shockwave works perfectly.

    To be honest; a LOT of/10-20% of Ultimates added via custom skills either have issues actually working properly; or just dont work period after draining necessary KI.

    I will say that Time Skip/Molotov (MUCH more realistic to the Anime/Manga, its now my most used Ultimate), Final Kamehameha (I LOVE that you guys/gals fixed how it looks and its animation time), x20 Kaioken Kamehameha (amazing job), and MANY others have had severe fixes to their hitboxes and hit at 100% now rather than HAVING to stamina break EVERY time just to have a chance to connect.

    The Goku Wig does NOT work properly on Male and Female Majin, on any other race they work fine. it makes the ‘top of their head’ disappear as if they’re using a ‘custom hairstyle that is uninstalled’ and the wig appears on the right side of their face at a 90′ angle.

    I’m not sure if the creator(s) of this mod will ever see or read this but; amazing work overall, just some issues with the skills which to be honest; it’s expected since most of them are from different games with different physics than XV2, so I give you a thumbs up and 5* just for attempting to add new skills, it’s very nice to see mod creators (instead of just making ‘meme’ skills/transformations) actually keep making original/spinoff game content at this stage in XV2’s life.

    All in all I rate this mod at a 90% rating (MUCH better than 99% of the DLC); other than the skills and goku hair bug this is an AMAZING job. Please keep it up for XV2 as long as you can, and possibly in future titles.

  54. jakou says:

    This game would have died without your mod and many others

  55. kai767 says:

    Failed at CharaSlots install phase: (main/XV2P_SLOTS.x2s.xml).

    I keep getting this error, I updated to the just released new patcher, is this mod not compatible for the newest version or I am doing something wrong?

    1. Poppleman says:

      Wait for the installer to update to 1.17, then redownload it from here.

  56. jbearsand says:

    so my installation keeps getting an error because the Charaslot install phase failed because the value was either too large or too small for int32, Does anyone know anything about that?

  57. codeman90000 says:

    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEE!!!!! When I try to use the Installer it says it can’;t install cause its large or to small or something like that. Please someone help me.

    1. XAGuacha23 says:

      Yea i have this problem as well, My guess is this revamp does not work with v.17.01 patches.

  58. I have no clue what I messed up but all it says for me failed at charaslots install phase value either too large or too small would love some help with what i messed up

  59. edotensei88 says:

    hello i need help in downloading Xenoverse 2 Revamp Pack every time i try to install it this what i got:

    Failed at CharaSlots install phase (main/XV2P_SLOTS.x2s.xml). —> System.OverflowException: Value was either too large or too small for an Int32.

    i did everything right installed the x2m first than the installer and still did not work please someone help me.

    1. Poppleman says:

      Wait for the installer to update to 1.17, then redownload it from here.

      1. Takii227 says:

        The Xv2 installer is updated for 1.17.1 now which is the current version of the game. You need to download the 3.7 Xv2 Patcher and the 3.7 mod Installer.

  60. Bills123 says:

    Hello, i have a install erro:
    System.Exception: Failed at CharaSlots install phase (main/XV2P_SLOTS.x2s.xml). —> System.OverflowException: Valor era muito grande ou muito pequeno para Int32.
    em System.Number.ParseInt32(String s, NumberStyles style, NumberFormatInfo info)
    em Xv2CoreLib.Eternity.CharaSlotsFile.Load(Byte[] bytes) na C:\Users\Unleashed\Documents\GitHub\XV2-Tools\Xv2CoreLib\Eternity\CharaSlotsFile.cs:linha 104
    em LB_Mod_Installer.Installer.Install.GetParsedFile[T](String path, Boolean fromCpk, Boolean raiseEx)
    em LB_Mod_Installer.Installer.Install.Install_CharaSlots(String xmlPath)
    — Fim do rastreamento de pilha de exceções internas —
    em LB_Mod_Installer.Installer.Install.Install_CharaSlots(String xmlPath)
    em LB_Mod_Installer.Installer.Install.StartInstall()
    em LB_Mod_Installer.Installer.Install.Start()

    1. Takii227 says:

      Update the Xv2 patcher and Mod installer to 3.7 then try again. All you need to do to update them is download them from the Xv2 patcher website then do what you normally do. Then run the New mod installer, i recommend clearing all of your mods before doing this, also install revamp 1st before any other mods.

  61. tengo un error de tin32 lo cual nunca me habia aparecido

  62. when i install it show me error what i am doing wrong

    1. Poppleman says:

      Wait until the installer updates to 1.17, then redownload it and run it again.

  63. I uninstalled the mod because it caused my game to show a black screen and crash but it’s still happening. Any solution to this?

    1. Poppleman says:

      If you’re playing on Steam then delete the entire XV2 folder then click ‘verify integrity of game files’ on Steam.

  64. XJonny10Z says:

    You Can Update It To Work On 1.17??? PLS

  65. Vonz says:

    “Failed at Charaslots install phase (main/XV2P_SLOTS.x2s.xml)”

    What do i have to do?

    1. Poppleman says:

      Installer is out-of-date at the moment, you can wait for it to update (should be any day now) or downgrade Xenoverse 2 to 1.16

      1. Takii227 says:

        It was updated on the 18th.

  66. GokuBlack says:

    I don’t get the install error. What am I supposed to do?

  67. Everytime I start the game with the revamp mod the game says that I don’t have a save file and I have to create a new one.
    What can I do to change it?

  68. jaybo1474 says:

    When I do the custom installation, no matter what I do, it always says there was an installation error because something about the portraits was too small for an Int32

  69. Cocoa says:

    I keep getting an error when using the express install option

    Failed at CUS install phase

    Required X2M skill not found. install failed.
    Binding: {X2MSkillID1=(5de08e29-917b-1fe-1b4a-be0fac913eed;Awoken)}
    (Binding for “ID1”)

    when I try and disable the roster expansion, it says that some other error, can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

  70. Saidoto says:

    uhhh its saying im missing a M21 file and .bac when i try the installer

  71. The saiyan tail sticks straight out and i have an infinite loading screen after stage select. I’m using the updated version.

    1. I don’t have the infinite loading screen after removing a modded transformation but the Saiyan tail is still messed up

    2. Takii227 says:

      Are you using a custom move set? If so then its most likely because it doesnt have tail support.

      1. the moveset is tail compatible and even when i remove the moveset the tail remains extended

  72. erebusss says:

    infinite loading screen when selecting a character

  73. HEAVENLY says:

    fucking awesome mod, so grateful for people like the ones on this team. genuinely.

  74. meteonexp says:

    For some reason i whenever i go into the screen select nothing shows up on the screen it might be because i have new stages set to false in my Patcher but if i don’t have it set to false i cant load the game what on earth do i do

  75. vohuynhduc says:

    System.Exception: Failed at BCS install phase (main/bcs/THG.bcs.xml) how fix

  76. Djcn385 says:

    It says im missing “chara/THG/THG.bcs” in the game directory.

  77. Hi, I have a problem. When I try to open the installer it says “the file “revamp xenoverse 2 installer.exe .installinfo” could not be found!”
    “this file should be in the same directory as the executable.”

    “The installer will now close”

    and after that, I can only press ok, then the installer closes. The installinfo file is in the same directory as the installer, but it doesnt work, I even tried to rename both files, but nothing worked. Can someone help me?

  78. numbron says:

    My long hair Trunks doesn’t have Shining Blow… He had before tho. When I updated the game to 17.01 I reinstalled all mods and now Trunks doesn’t have Shining Blow no more. Instead he has Burning Strike

  79. ByJonasan75 says:

    A quick question, is it normal that the scenarios do not appear when I access photo mode and the game does not react, forcing me to close it suddenly?

    1. Lend says:

      The same thing happens to me, I don’t know why it happens.

  80. Atum77 says:

    I have version 1.16 of Dragonball Xenoverse 2 and while installing the mod it crashes with the following error revamp xenoverse 2 failed at bcs install phase (main / bcs / THG.bcs.xml)

    What can I do to fix?

    1. Lend says:

      A time ago I also had the same problem, but I updated the game to 1.17 and that problem was solved. Maybe that’s why the error occurs.

  81. DatDaft says:

    yo, im new to modding and i was wondering, dose this Revamp mod give you new forms for your cac? like SSJ4?

  82. DatDaft says:

    hey, so i was wondering, is that base Xeno Goku in Revamp? or is that a different mod?

  83. Alex Dragon says:

    Currently on the installer after getting the add ons set, I keep getting an error called “Fail at EEPK installer phase (addons/M21/All21Aura.vfxpackage” I’m starting with the Revamp file first. I installed the X2M first.

  84. jossepYT says:

    no me cargan los mapas por favor, diganme la solucionen ese problema, porque hay varios usuarios los cuales no pueden jugar con este grandioso mod

  85. CJ Clark says:

    all this for free so cool

  86. There seems to be something wrong with your recent update, whenever I tried to us the Revamp Installer it keeps saying it couldn’t find Majin 21’s aura or something and I just emptied my Mod Installer and installed the X2M file first.

  87. I have a problem and it is that when I try to do a battle when choosing the peersonage it gets stuck and I can never play does anyone know what could be the reason?

    1. Lend says:

      The same thing happens to me bro.

  88. lol says:

    where is the download file? I didn’t see it

  89. lol says:

    where is the download file? I didn’t see it at all

  90. JayT0rch1369 says:

    all I have to say is amazing job bc im at a lost for words

  91. RamaCd says:

    in my case i have bugs on the hero colosseum for example goku ui´s eyes are melted and future gohan´s short sleeve is separated from the body

  92. lims says:

    il y a un multi?? ou pas

  93. thedurgen says:

    If you read this you are cute

  94. Now on this new update I can’t enter a battle, it crashes on character selection screen. Does anybody know why? This did not happen on the previous version.

  95. flaminmonke says:

    i couldnt select the stage when i loaded up the stage select

  96. Nate3530 says:

    The game crashes during the loading screen after selecting a cac with the revamp installed. Has this happened to anyone else?

  97. rioparrot says:

    This mod seems to have some issues. I currently have only this one installed and nothing else. When I go to the cac skill select menu, the first time it works just fine, the second time the game bugs out. It displays your skill screen but when moving up and down it also moves the previous menu up and down and can’t select anything. I found that the only way around this is to open the menu once, then back off to the conton character menu and then go back again to the skill select. It also seems to be conflicting with other mods from the community at large quantities. Namely the skills for cacs. Roster characters from mods seem to be working just fine and accepted by the revamp mod. The same can’t be said for the cac skill mods. Most of them combined with revamp insantly crash the game whenever you pick those skills for your character or when you even open the skill menu to begin with.

  98. David Chyke says:

    Very nice mod. Highly impressed. Kudos

  99. David Chyke says:

    Very nice mod. Highly impressed. Kudos

  100. Lizzy says:

    Incredible mod!
    I just have one problem. When I’m in story mode with your partner, when fighting when the characters start talking to each other it goes by too fast and I can’t read what they’re saying. Is there a way to make it not do that? Can it be disabled?

  101. LeonRagnarok says:

    Hey amazing mod, but I have a big problem when I go Versus, or photo mode I cant select the maps, the game just freezes every time I need to select the map, PLEASE can someone help me whit this problem, this mod is very good and I want to enjoy everything.

  102. David Chyke says:

    Great work guys, but I have a question, can I still upload other mods in the game while I install your mod

  103. zaus says:

    everytime i try to play the training in the artic pq my game always crashes

  104. killswitch says:

    My game crashes when i speak to bulma to start the SSG Vegito quest. Does anyone know what would make this happen and how to fix it?

  105. Infinite Super Saiyan Gogito says:

    When I went to install it, I couldn’t because the confirm button was below my taskbar, and if I try to move the install menu upwards, it just moves back to where it originally was as soon as I let go. Anyone know a way to get around this?

    1. Infinite Super Saiyan Gogito says:

      I found a fix. I just had to go into my computer’s display settings and change the scaling of the apps.

  106. Jamoku says:

    every time I try to play with the mod it crashes the game is there any way to prevent it from crashing?

  107. skelel says:

    this looks realyl cool

    1. skelel says:

      ok nevermind it crashes my game every time i launch

      1. skelel says:

        nevermind again i just remembered i had to clear install

  108. I have a huge problem since I installed your mods I no longer have access to the parallel quest

  109. Rich_Kessh says:

    hello, I think this super mod is very cool, in my case I get a bug when using the cooler attack, the one with the three energy balls, after the animation where it launches them, if it fails, my character stays in the same place without being able to move, I don’t know if it’s just me or someone else, I already uninstalled and reinstalled everything and it’s still the same, even so, thanks for the effort and dedication.

    1. This is an issue with QUITE a few of the Ultimates added with the Revamp unfortunately. You’ll stand there, use it, then about 2-5s later, stop using the move and BOOM, whatever Ki you needed to use it, gone. I actually made a post about this… Lemme check the comments.. Jan 1, 2022. AFAIK this is still a problem with CERTAIN SKILLS. Namely the SDBH ones. Golden Supernova/Triple Golden Supernova specifically. (One of those 2 literally locks you in place, unable to move or block after using it 2x in a row, for about 5s)

  110. NahuelSoto21 says:

    you f**king mod crash my game pvp 1vs1

  111. I trust that this isn’t compatible with any other mods?

  112. Hello! I’m having a few problems to be able to install the full mod. Everything is fine when installing the .x2m files, but when I go to the LB Mods Installer of the mod it always gives me the same error:

    “System.Exception: Failed at CharaSlots install phase (main/XV2P_SLOTS.x2s.xml). —> System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find XV2P_SLOTS.x2s. This file must exist before install – to create it simply run xv2ins .exe once (the X2M installer).”

    I have checked my installation directory and verified that the file XV2P_SLOTS.x2s does exist, so the installer does not seem to detect the file. Any solution?

    (I have already checked with the xv2ins.exe tool using the “Find dead ids” option and verified both the XV2INS and the xv2patcher are up to date with version 3.711)

  113. Nas00 says:

    Can’t even install it. Running on latest game and XV2 patch (1.7.2). Any other mod works without problem.

  114. madang says:

    i cant intall the newest version of this mod, it kept saying “Failed at BCS install phase (main/bcs/THG.bcs.xml)”. does anybody know how to fix this?

  115. KuroTenshi28 says:

    Sadly, not compatible with 1.18 update.

    “Fail at character slot phase” in installation.

    1. CJ Clark says:

      thx good to know i’m fixing/updating my mods and i didnt need another hiccup

  116. Failed at CharaSlots instal phase (main/XV2P_SLOTS.x2s.xml).

    Invalid number CharaSlot parameters. Expected 9, found 9.

    this is the error code that I got when trying to use the installer

    1. Anime_WRXLD says:

      Same Here But The Expected slots For Me are 8 Instead Of 9 I Think Revamp Isn’t Compatible Yet With 1.18

  117. PsyKoPat0 says:

    Update to 1.18 please. Eternity tool’s update changed something in their files and made the Revamp not work anymore.

    1. It was Xenoverse 2 files that changed. They changed the IDB files, so a lot of mods are going to have to be updated to work properly.

  118. PhadedHD says:

    I tried installing it. it says it looked for 8 char but found 9 I’m confused

  119. it doesen’t work, I tried installing it. it says it looked for 8 char but found 9

  120. ya no sirve en la vercion actual del juego es necesario que el autor actualiza el mod

  121. josevegeta says:

    hello when they update this Revamp Xenoverse 2 Project for the new version 1.18 of the game I await your response

  122. mete la actualizacion para 1.18.00

  123. bread says:

    when i try to finish the operation of the installer open a file txt: failed at chara slots install phase

  124. Suinipoop says:

    Does this work on Version 1.18 of Xenoverse 2?

  125. Chick Barbee says:

    When i click the installer after installing the x2m, nothing happens. Any way i can fix this?

  126. jakeycham says:

    Will this make any transofrmation mods not work?

  127. unfazedtv says:

    installed this mod literally earlier on version 1.18 and got tons of errors and literally broken my game i have literally reinstall enitire thing

  128. Cjytp says:

    Is this still can be used for 1.16?

  129. How can I install the revamp but with the original menu?

  130. OniGiri says:

    Thanks you for the update works very good 😀

  131. biscuit09 says:

    Does anyone else have an error in the installation?

    Failed at CUS install phase
    Required 2XM skill not found. install failed
    Binding: (2XMskillD1=5de08e29-917b-1f9e-1ba4-be0fac913eed;awoken))
    (Binding for “ID”.)

  132. Renart Nox says:

    Hello. Is it possible to install the mod without the pink theme?

  133. metalclaw says:

    When i play as android 21 the game crashes 🙁

  134. Jericho Wolf says:

    X2M installation description is too long. cant hit the ok button cause description takes up to much space.

    1. Jericho Wolf says:

      an the mod is not optimized my frames drop to 24 frames instead of it being 60 frames.

  135. Nate3530 says:

    Yo can anyone help me out? For some reason this is the only mod that works for me. When I install other mods they don’t show up ingame or are bugged to hell if they do appear.

  136. Is there a place i can look up the skill id’s?

  137. Some reason revamp doesn’t work with legend patrol, my character is stuck when I go near the CC robot.

  138. The game closed for me and I decided to reinstall everything but now some skills of the mod do not appear and it does not let me buy them again.

  139. rioparrot says:

    I am running into some serious bugs when it comes to this mod.
    (Note: I tried this only with this mod installed and nothing else as well as with other mods later on, the result is the same)
    (Fresh installed db xenoverse 2 on steam)

    1. On the skill select menu, the game becomes very unstable and can crash any time I place or remove a skill for my cac.

    2. Android 21 heavy square heavy square drops and doesn’t connect after the blast hits.

    So far that’s all I remember but the first one is really severe and is ruining alot for me.

  140. nekorare says:

    Installed the 4.0.6 update and now the character select screen is bugged out and isn’t showing any portaits so I have to force close the game. Tried it
    twice just to be sure I wasn’t doing anything wrong. For reference, I did the custom installation and didn’t select the custom portraits or most of the add on characters in the LB installer.

    1. SomeOwlGuy says:

      Ik I’m a little late but I’m facing the same issue, did you ever find a fix for this?

  141. Lonchi says:

    I’ve observed some issues with the att 4.0.6
    1) The Artic stage isn’t showing on the stage selection screen
    2) The Xeno costume for the custom partner Vegeta is no longer available
    3) The quest where you train with Goku (God) and Vegeta (God), soons as quests should start, the game freezes.
    4) I did clean installation on my attempts. There is some bug with Vegeta ID in Xvins, where when you try to install Revamped Xvins shows something like VGT something is missing(i’m sorry i don’t remember now). For an workaround this issue i verified my game files, then i could install Revamped. But then, all the above issues continue.

    I hope you guys can fix this issues, thank you for the amazing effort and work, cheers!

  142. rayan9603 says:

    There is 2 promlems :
    1/ when i want to play lengend patrol dlc nothing happen , i just keep standing to waipa , there is no message , jsut nothing
    2/ when i go to music i found the revamped music copied two times

  143. kai767 says:

    I have a bug that displays all of the revamp added characters names as “Unknow Character”, how can I fix this?

  144. ssj3mewtwo says:

    Hello everyone, I found a bug about this revamp. It stops me from playing the Legend Patrol DLC.

  145. Nicko says:

    hey I been trying to use the CAC custom transform so I don’t know how to use it and not working. so how do you use it or can anyone help me?

    1. ssj3mewtwo says:

      Is this your first time playing Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2?

    2. TMWHOSTW_ says:

      install new tranformations for lazybones

  146. Help it tells me “Failed at EEPK install phrase (Addons/auras/All21aura.vfxPackage)” AddPbindDependencies: The maximum amount of textures has been reached cannot download anymore.” Can someone please help me!

  147. kuuga28 says:

    I am using japanese voice but when i select golden cooler and android 21, they speak in English. Is this a bug?

  148. Dman420 says:

    i cant get legend patrol pack to work and revamp is the only mod im using when i talk to waipa theres no dialogue and game feezes

  149. Sebku says:

    I have a problem and it is that when I go to start a fight the game keeps loading
    ¿Could anyone help me, please?

  150. cory says:

    im having some trouble when i download it its there a my downloads but when i open xv2ins its not there anyone got a reason?

  151. Jericho Wolf says:

    The revamp mod needs to have a hotfix made for it to remove oolong from the revamp. an update came out to the game and it places oolong at the entrance to the time nest and its causing issues with the game while using the revamp mod.

  152. kristoff says:

    does this work with lazy bones and 69 transformations in one?

  153. whenever i try the god vegito quest my game crashes any solution?

  154. hankdp26 says:

    Hey guys, been enjoying the mod a lot so far, great work! But unfortunately the mod breaks Waipa (Legend Patrol) any chance you can fix??

  155. PurpleCrumbs says:

    This is compatible with Lazybone´s Added transformations?

    1. Kakaroble says:

      yes it is, just choose the “mixed” option in Lazybone installer

  156. PaulTheLeg says:

    it’s not allowing me to install part 2 of the modpack, saying there are several characters that do not exist?

  157. Will there be a translation for Spanish?

  158. crazyfoxboi says:

    Is possible to download this mod on Xbox?

  159. Hi I’m trying to install the mod pack but i’m having trouble installing it contact me on my discord, danman99#2332. Thank you

  160. BBNexus123 says:

    So for anyone having Loading issues, turns out the revamp does NOT like modded skills, modded clothes/accessories however seem to work just fine. Personally a bit disappointed, but hey, compromises had to be made somewhere it seems.

  161. Volcannon says:

    Is it possible to just get the Roster instead of the entire thing?

  162. CosmicG says:

    Idk if it’s the revamp or something else, but the corrupted bug is back. The game crash before I can get to character select

  163. Love this mod, but for some reason whenever i go into anything battle wise that isnt part of the story with any character, my game is stuck on the loading screen before the characters appear.

  164. Kami156 says:

    I have a problem when I start a fight my game shuts down, I’ve tried everything to fix it, but it still doesn’t work, even uninstalling absolutely everything, the fights still don’t work, please help me.

    1. hakataka3289 says:

      Clear the Installer, install the Part 1, then Run the .exe, and then, Install the part 2.

      That can solve the issue.

  165. PlotArmor says:

    Can someone help me the Revamp Xenoverse 2 installer is saying Something like Failed at CUS install phase and Required X2M skill is missing i don’t know which move it is that i’am missing though??? please help my game is messed up because of it : (

    1. fusionfall85 says:

      for the cus install phase thing, i think its because the mod hasnt updated yet to be compatible with the latest version of xenoverse 2 but for the required x2m skill, its probably because you havent installed part 1 and only part 1 then used the installer but if you have then you should wait until this gets updated

      1. JayT0rch1369 says:

        im getting an error after installing part 1, this is the error;

        Install Error
        Failed at CUS install phase (skills/system/custom_skill.cus.xml).

        Index was outside the bounds of the array.

        1. fusionfall85 says:

          yeah everyones been getting that error. im 100 percent sure that they need to update the mod.

  166. majk89 says:

    After Last Update Installation dont work correctly system/custom_skill.cus.xml

    even if you first Install x2m File Part 1 and after that Use the Installer they come Error you can’t Install this Mod Again please fix this.

  167. Duzint let me install Revamp it keep say index was outside bounds of the array and custom skill can be fix it

  168. With this new update still can’t play legends patrol dlc

  169. pinhani61 says:

    Nice work but could you guys fix majin buu gotenks absorbed cause it says instead unknown character on it thanks in advance.

  170. nissassA says:

    something’s wrong with part 2 of the pack

    1. JayT0rch1369 says:

      Install Error
      Failed at CUS install phase (extras/extra_roster_expansion/system/custom_skill.cus.xml).

      Required X2M skill not found. Install failed.
      Binding: {X2MSkillID1=(485d60e1-71ac-f7e8-1828-7a7275de3647; Super)}
      (Binding for “ID1”.)

  171. skep90 says:

    Failed at CUS instal phase

    Required x2m skill not found. install failed
    {x2mskilld1=(029a3301-1986-3953-a7f0-73f72676189c; Super)}
    (Binding for “ID1”.)

  172. Moggi says:

    Can someone help me?
    practically when I install this mod the characters (golden cooler/metal, majin 21/good,evil, pai ku han, vegito ssj god, goku and vegeta ssj4 limit breaker, gogeta ssj blue, galena and kane) are renamed “Unknown Character” .

  173. Bazel42 says:

    The revamped skill animations aren’t there.
    It’s just using standard animations.

  174. Karee says:

    is there a previous update option?

  175. Deviljinx X says:

    Is it possible to only install parts of this so i can keep using the auras and texture updates i already have in my game?

  176. FireBird says:

    how to uninstall it? i want to get back to normal

  177. AKRamirez says:

    I tried installing this, got an error during the lb installer process, and now there are literally no moves anywhere.

    1. AKRamirez says:

      I can’t even properly uninstall it, everything is just stuck broken.

  178. AKRamirez says:

    Update on my previous post. I was able to install it correctly and now I can’t uninstall it without my moves all being gone or replaced with “unknown skill”

  179. Hi guys, I actually found a big Bug (not sure if it is Revamp specific or also happening in the vanilla game, might try it out on PS4 later): If you use DBS Broly against DBZ Broly, and try to grab DBZ Broly, DBS will get stuck in his guard animation until he gets hit! He won’t even try to attempt to grab. I am not sure why this is happning and, so far at least, it is ONLY happening against DBZ Broly, but I haven’t tried any other character yet. If this is a revamp specific issue, it would be nice if you are able to somehow fix that =)

    1. I actually checked it out, and it really seems to be a Revamp Problem. Also tried another Broly Mod that uses Full Power Super Saiyan Broly, and that does NOT have this problem. It also happens when you fight another DBS Broly. Maybe it has to do with the Height/Body Type of the opponent? Would be great if you can fix that =)

  180. Hrts says:

    its not letting update the update or uninstall it

  181. Finally installed it and is amazing but gotta ask, Do other mods work with it, Say like transformation mods and Some custom character mods not characters that would cross paths with the revamp? or is it better to just keep revamp in it self XD

  182. The Gestan says:

    *** Install Error ***
    System.Exception: Failed at CUS install phase (extras/extra_roster_expansion/system/custom_skill.cus.xml). —> System.ArgumentException: Required X2M skill not found. Install failed.
    Binding: {X2MSkillID1=(029a3301-1986-3953-a7f0-73f72676184c; Super)}
    (Binding for “ID1”.)
    at LB_Mod_Installer.Binding.BindingManager.ParseBinding[T](String binding, String comment, String filePath, IEnumerable`1 entries1, IEnumerable`1 entries2, Boolean secondPass, UInt16 maxId)
    at LB_Mod_Installer.Binding.BindingManager.ParseStringBinding[T](String str, String comment, String filePath, IEnumerable`1 entries1, IEnumerable`1 entries2, Boolean allowAutoId, UInt16 maxId)
    at LB_Mod_Installer.Binding.Xml.XmlParser.ParseElements(IEnumerable`1 elements)
    at LB_Mod_Installer.Binding.Xml.XmlParser.ParseElements(IEnumerable`1 elements)
    at LB_Mod_Installer.Binding.Xml.XmlParser.ParseElements(IEnumerable`1 elements)
    at LB_Mod_Installer.Binding.Xml.XmlParser.ParseElements(IEnumerable`1 elements)
    at Xv2CoreLib.Resource.ZipReaderExtensions.DeserializeXmlFromArchive_Ext[T](ZipReader zipReader, String path)
    at LB_Mod_Installer.Installer.Install.Install_CUS(String xmlPath, String installPath, Boolean isXml, Boolean useSkipBindings)
    — End of inner exception stack trace —
    at LB_Mod_Installer.Installer.Install.Install_CUS(String xmlPath, String installPath, Boolean isXml, Boolean useSkipBindings)
    at LB_Mod_Installer.Installer.Install.StartInstall()
    at LB_Mod_Installer.Installer.Install.Start()

  183. ShamanMike says:

    does this mod work with other mods? I downloaded the revamp mod the other day and I am having a blast with it but I would like to add a few more characters but I do not want to break the game.

  184. Mr.duck427 says:

    Apparently when I installed revamp the new revamped kamehameha didn’t come with it. the sound effects does. just not the same animation.

  185. Monkeman says:

    Can someone help me whenever i go into free battle and I press on training or battle it crash the game I reinstalled it a couple of times and nothing worked.

  186. Jojo says:

    The God vegito quest is not showing up, I don’t know what to do

  187. metalclaw96 says:

    The new character are named as “unknown character”, any solution?

  188. tjdcjf1289 says:

    Doesn’t work on 1.19.1? can’t install

  189. Mulan316 says:

    everything here is aboslutely amazing and perfect but I would appreciate if someone could give me pointers on how to edit the super attacks on certain vanilla character extra slots. I love the new xeno gogeta slot but I would like to get rid of bluff kamehameha. I’d like to change some other things here and there as well. also, for somereason I can’t edit ssj4 gogeta on the character customization despite having the unlock key for him. the little green slot isn’t there. anyhow great job!

Revamp Team
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4.0.9 (Compatibility Update)
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November 20, 2022

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