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Saiyan Power! Leyra

Hello there, i'm VeinSlay. I'm not that great of a modder, actually this is my first ever mod created. I wanted to be one of my CaCs with the latest Super Saiyan transformation from Grinns

Link here:

Also one of her moves is from Xenoverse 2 Revamp so you should probably dowload it:

Links here:

of course the lazybones transformations mod:

You should also check the Extra THICC Basic outift made by nck and the Female Hooded Saiyan Armor made by Inbetweengamer, since my CaC uses this clothes:

Links here:

I hope you enjoy playing with her, if you want me to make more mods of her with other transformations just let me know :D

I have a Youtube channel! if you want to see me play Xenoverse online or try mods come to my channel and i hope you like it!

P.S:Sorry, but i speak spanish, if you don't understand a thing of my videos or i had any typo in this description i'm sorry

it's a X2M so you have to install it with XV2INS

1.0 Mod launch


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October 17, 2020