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Shakaro’s Limitbreaker SSJ4 Aura

  • This adds a new henshin start, boost loop/start/end, and a brand new ki charge! Please check the ID list to actually use this aura in a transformation!
  • Add me on Discord, my user and tag are: Valen#1069
  • If you like my aura mods, please support me on patreon
  • Also, please consider joining my Discord Server!

Run the exe and read the ID list

1.0: Release


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  1. krytystian says:

    Hey i have a problem,cause i have like 4 auras download (and yes its yours cause i fucking love them)but i download your newest auras and my game crush in photo mode versus mode can you help me ?

    1. Shakaro says:

      Well, the only tip I have is this. Clear your cmn and then reinstall your auras. Friendly reminder that my mods are not compatible with Deez’s.

      1. krytystian says:

        OMG Thank you thats work

    2. Deez Mods Only says:

      which ones of mine do you have?

  2. Darthnader says:

    holy shit shak you did amazing on this

  3. saru says:

    I have problems about installing ur aura mods, when I install ssj, ssj4, ssj rage, it’s normal with azura aura and lazybone mod. But when PU and others installed, I got crash before battles
    I don’t know if I can stack all ur auras with azura’s, lazybone’s?

    1. Darthnader says:

      you are prob at max auras

      1. saru says:

        so I can’t íntall all of them?

        1. Darthnader says:

          no there is a max limit of 126 effects

          1. saru says:

            how can I check that limitation?

  4. tien says:

    how to download mod,help me ?

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February 22, 2021