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‘Simplistic Retextures’ for Male Human & Saiyan CAC

~ More retextures may come in future versions!! ~

Please note that the colors of the clothing will not change! I'm using a color mod that allows me to color any form of clothing. The color mod is not required for this mod, but it is compatible! A link to the mod: Colorable Clothing (Male CAC only!)

This mod consists of (as of 9/3/16) 14 simplistic retextures of some clothing items made all by me. They are not the best retextures, some have very little changes, some are meant as jokes. From removing text and lines, to becoming a Pokemon trainer! You are free to chose any style you would like! All changes to the clothing items can be viewed from the pictures provided! If you need a written out change log there is one provided below.

Enjoy the mod! ?


1.Blood textures come up glitchy on some outfits (Working on it)


Ninja Katana- Black scabbard

Yamcha's Sword- Gray scabbard

Commander Red's Jacket- Removed vertical lines from vest (Color does not change)

General Blue's Shirt- Removed the 'Blue' that was printed on the side

Saiyuki Costume Pants- Removed the animal print all around

4-Star Dragon Ball Cloak- Removed swirls, stars, and symbols

Krillin's Cap (Blank Version)-  Removed the words off of the front, recolored from blue to red

Krillin's Cap (Pokemon Version) - Removed the words off of the front, recolored from blue to red, added pokeball to front of cap

Battle Suit (Turles) Gauntlets - Removed horizontal lines

Android 17's Clothing (Not Super) Pants - Added a simple latch to buckle #1 and removed center circle from buckle #2

Android 17's Clothing (Not Super) Shoes - Removed vertical lines

Arale Chan's Poop Stick - Shaded to look like actual poop xD

Turtle Hermit's Shel l- Shaded brown like most turtle shells

New Model Scouter (Purple) - It now looks like Raiden's eye visor from the tutorial in MGRR


P.S. The hair I have for the first couple screenshot can be found here. The recent 1.2 update hairstyle is for me only as the hair was not made by me, but converted by me.

There is a ReadMe file in the downloaded file, please read the instructions if you are new to modding.

1.0 - Release Date

1.2- Added 6 new retextures (I really like the new scouter ^3^)


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