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Skills voice for cac male pack

After making the mods male voice pack  i was a little Disturb  about when you do a kamehameha or a final flash the original cac voice returne so here it's my v1 of skills voice for cac i will added more skills with time (excuse me if i have a bad english).

For who dosen't have my male voice pack you can download the complete mods right  here (with skills voice added) .

Goku voice added :

Super : Kamehameha,Kamehameha Boost ,Kaioken 5x 20x,Rock Paper Scissors,Power Pole,Destructo-Disc,Solar Flare.

ultimate :Super Kamehameha,Perfect Kamehameha,Spirit Bomb.

Gohan added :

Super :Kamehameha,Masenko,Justice Pose

You can also check out the other voice mods :
-evil pack (include frezer etc..):
-the female pack :

ultimate :Super Kamehameha,Special Beam Cannon

Vegeta added :

Super :Big Bang Attack,

ultimate :Final Flash,Final Shine Attack

Trunks added:

Super :Kamehameha,Masenko.

ultimate :Super Kamehameha.

Gotrenks added :

Super :Wolf Fang Fist,Kamehameha,DIE DIE Missile Barrage,Galactic Donuts,Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack.

ultimate :Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack.

Vegito added:

Super :Destructo-Disc,Kamehameha,Bluff Kamehameha, Split Finger Shot.

Ultimate :Super Kamehameha,Final Flash,Spirit Sword.

To install, unpack your datap3.cpk and place the file in the download into you datap3/data/  folder. Repack your datap3.cpk and put it in your xenoverse folder.


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June 16, 2016