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story and pq improvement file

MAKE SURE TO HAVE AN EMPTY DATA FILE WHEN USING THIS. this improves stuff in story and pqs, after comments i havw made some changes, tell me if this works fine now, try playing the golden frieza, Hit story modes, also for those with the legend patrol, try that aswell, also keep checking out the levels of fighters, tell me if they seem accurate. VERY IMPORTANT DONT SELECT PQS OTHER THEN THE VANILLA ONES. only play from PQ 1 to PQ 146, still some of the vanilla pqs dont work well. tell me which those are if you find them BUT here are some that can be played, the pqs have been altered, be sure to check them out. Parallel Quest 101: Seeking Fighters for Tournament! 60: Blast the Super Spirit Bomb! 62: Frieza's Nightmare Returns 76: Eternal Rival 100: The Ultimate Rivalry. 107: The Future's Greatest Hope! 108 Doppelganger Dispute! 122 The Final Battle Before the Final Battle?! 130 Legendary Starving Saiyan Broly 136 Breaking Down the Barrier. 143 Other World Offensive. 144 Super 17's Super Plan. 145 Other World Challenger. NOW TRY ALL OF THESE I LISTED UP HERE, tell me if they work well and if they are shockingly surprising when seeing what happens in them. also here are some more that work. PQ numbers 47,58,60,64,65,67,72,82,125. as for story mode well, expect to see for example SS4 Goku vs Golden Frieza or SS4 Vegeta VS Hit, and also try the legends patrol, ss4 goku vs The destroyer or even try the Final Mira ss4 battle. make sure to give me feedback and comments. PS.alot of ss4 stuff here, Goku ss4 even talks casually with people like in the pic with him and Upa here, defeat golden frieza in the story and see for your self.

copy and paste, MAKE SURE TO HAVE AN EMPTY DATA FILE WHEN USING THIS THE 1ST TIME. play a bit of pqs, then download any other mods you want. make sure not to select unnamed PQs. you dont want your game to crash right.


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  1. SLO says:

    Sorry but the game still crashes as I enter conton city

    1. spazzyty says:


    2. solomon1234 says:

      ok, well try this one, tell me if it works out anyone, if it does i can try to upload this one

      1. SLO says:

        Do you have a discord or email where we can chat easier?

        1. solomon1234 says:

          Texmex food#0054

  2. alex thompson says:

    I wanna try this but I’m scared to right now lol

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June 10, 2021