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Testing Shortcut and Debug Bots (feat. “Saria Gives Dragon Balls”)

Just adds two clones of the photo mode bot in front of the player on lobby login (will appear after talking to Elder Kai for the first time and reloading the lobby). Also now includes a remake of "Saria Gives Dragon Balls" (which can be chosen as part of the mod or standalone). By talking to the bots you will be presented with the following menus:


Page 1:

  • Photo Mode
  • Offline Battles
  • Offline Paralell Quests

Page 2:

  • Expert Missions
  • Hero Colosseum
  • Main Missions

Page 3:

  • Tokipedia (only appears, when the appropriate DLC is owned)
  • Customize Mentor
  • Summon Shenron

Page 4:

  • Skill Shop
  • Clothing Shop
  • Accessory Shop

Page 5:

  • Lobby Battles (these are the battles against the Time Patrollers that challenge you in Konton)


Page 1:

  • Level Up
  • Unlock Potential
  • Adjust Story Progress (not yet available)

Page 2:

  • Give all customization keys
  • Give all mascots
  • Give all artworks

New menu items are in English, Catalan and Spanish only for now. If you want to help me translate these, send me a PM here, on AGM or hit me up on Discord (Atsuraelu#1350).

For questions on how to do stuff like this or any other mod, visit The Citadel.

Known Issues:

Selecting Offline PQs from the shortcuts before doing your first PQ will crash the game.

Make sure to read readme.txt, if you want to set up your own Lobby Battle, otherwise you will crash your game.

After selecting "Give all mascots" or "Give all artworks" your character will be immobile for a bit. This is because the code will try to give you mod added mascots and artwork, don't worry.


  • AI0702, Ofna and Demonboy on the Citadel for the idea for Lobby Battles
  • Demonboy for the pal ID list in the readme
  • Kuroha for the idea of "Saria gives Dragon Balls", though no code was taken from their mod.
  • BlackLight for ca and es files.


All content of this mod may be freely modified and/or redistributed. Credit would be nice, though.

If you like what I'm doing and want to support a struggling idiot, you can buy me a coffee.

Extract archive somewhere. Double click ShortcutBots.exe and follow instructions.

1.12 - Initial release for DBXV2 v1.12

1.12.1 - Added new menu items, still for DBXV2 v1.12

1.12.2 - Added Main Missions and Tokipedia, last one for DBXV2 v1.12, I swear...

1.13 - Initial release for DBXV2 v1.13 (1.12.2 still included in download for now)

1.13.1 - Fixed a dumb oversight that led to the game crashing when speaking to the bot with a character that had not completed the photo mode tutorial dialogue.

1.13.2 - Fixed the same dumb oversight that led to the game crashing when speaking to the bot with a character that had not completed the photo mode tutorial dialogue, this time also for people who don't have the Fuu DLC...

1.13.3 - Migrated to LB mod installer, added Debug Bot, added new msg entries, added "Customize Mentor", some other stuff I'm forgetting...

1.14.0 - Added Saria options to the installer and added new "Lobby Battle" menus.

1.14.1 - Realized my stupid ass overwrote some vanilla tsd entries and fixed it.

1.15 - Added Customization keys, mascots and artworks to Debug bot.

1.15 Hotfix - Fucked up a jump tag resulting in custom keys and mascots not working as intended. Should be fixed now.

No version change - Added ca and es translations courtesy of BlackLight.

Future proofed mascots and artwork for mods. This can mean you character will be immobile for a bit after the dialog boxes

1.15 Whatever - Took the five minutes to actually include the "hidden" artworks

1.17 - Added support for 1.17 artwork and customisation keys

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November 4, 2021


Leave a Reply

  1. jimmymenNL says:

    is it possible to add the TIME EGGS?, i cant find a way to get them fast

  2. deasehack says:

    you won’t see xvpatcher for 1.17 for a long time, update it for 1.16 and 1.16.01. Xvptacher will take a few months.

    1. bbsangria says:

      im from the future, it exists

    2. Liv says:

      im from the future future, it exists

    3. im from the real future future, it still exists

  3. How can I make the robots appear?

  4. atomic666 says:


  5. The robots don’t appear anymore. 🙁
    I tried installing the bots separately, but that didn’t change anything. The only mod I have (that actually effects the game) is Revamp, so I’m wondering if that mod is blocking this one?

  6. JokerP5 says:

    I cant find the robots. Only Saria gives dragon balls works.
    Did they move?

  7. HEAVENLY says:

    i can’t find the robots anywhere. hmmm. any known conflicts with this? i’d really love to use this

  8. Hello! I did everything as instructed, but when I went to the stairs, the robots didn’t show up.

    1. Update: So, I just deleted my save and all of my mods and made sure to install this one as the very first and the robots showed up this time. I believe the reason it didn’t do that before was either my use of a save editor to skip through the story could’ve broken the trigger needed to spawn the robots, or one of the mods I had installed before was conflicting in some manner. Either way, everything’s good! 🙂

  • 12uploads
File size
3.21 MB
November 4, 2021

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