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The Exia Moveset – One Armed Fighter (SYF/HUF)

A moveset featuring the usage of only one arm! Made for my CaC/OC Jazz, you can finally live out that dream of a one armed fighter still holding his own with the best! Jazz - "I bet I can beat ya with one arm!"

Seals of Approval from: MikikoX and Nakoto

Disclaimer: Missing arm not included!


Patreon that you can request a moveset or just show your support:


Step 1: Download the zip Step 2: Unzip it Step 3: Drag n drop - For SYF, drag and drop the SYF moveset files into DB Xenoverse 2/data/chara/SYF | For HUF, same process except drag n drop the HUF moveset files into DB Xenoverse 2/data/chara/HUF


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  1. Elispeed says:

    Any clothing reccomendations?

    1. fareeha0995 says:

      I’d recommend anything that removes that left arm. Or if you want to get really snazzy, covers it :3

      1. Elispeed says:

        Do you know what key words I should search up?

  2. RebornNova says:

    what hairstyle is that and where can i get it

    1. fareeha0995 says:

      Rangetsu Hairstyle, somewhere on the site

  3. hanskp says:

    Your skills are amazing ‘-‘ now i need to find something to cover the arm XD

  4. question do you think you might release the top piece that you used in the video/screenshots? just out of curiosity that’s all

  5. MKV says:

    Please can you tell what outfit is this that cover the arm?

    1. fareeha0995 says:

      Made for me by TCG, currently private/personal tho

      1. MKV says:

        Thanks, that’s amazing

  6. Senrei says:

    Hello can you tell me which mod you used to have only one arm please

    1. fareeha0995 says:

      Private outfit, and sadly it is more like a really janky way of going about it that if even released would only work for females and you would be only able to wear this tube top lol

  7. kingghostly says:

    Can you made it for Male as well

  8. kingghostly says:

    Can you make it for Male as well

  9. make a dante mod that specifically calls this character deadweight

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September 14, 2021