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The Exia Reborn Moveset (SYF/SYM/HUF/HUM/MAF/FRI/NMC) – The Endless Onslaught

My 4th moveset ever made, this was originally to be titled the 'Ki Arm Moveset', but that felt inappropriate with how the moveset turned out. This moveset features an endless onslaught of savage combos, there are spots here and there for ultimates and stamina breaks- But the whole idea of the moveset is that you never stop swinging till that enemy is nothing but bloody paste on your fists!

My Patreon that you can request a moveset or just show your support <3 :

And here's the discord server! (Keep in mind it is still new):

Step 1: Download the zip Step 2: Unzip it Step 3: Drag n drop - For SYF, drag and drop the SYF moveset files into DB Xenoverse 2/data/chara/SYF | For HUF, same process except drag n drop the HUF moveset files into DB Xenoverse 2/data/chara/HUF

1.1 - Fixed back attack

1.2 - Damage buffs | Hitbox fixes | BCM Callback Changes

2.0 - Now it's for all races! And they SHOULD all work now


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  1. well shit that’s something else right there

  2. beancat says:

    just to make sure, does this have ssj3/tail compatibility?

    1. fareeha0995 says:

      I may have forgot to add that, I’ll patch that in sometime monday when I’m free. I don’t use tails so it never occurs to me lol

      1. beancat says:

        sounds awesome, im hype for that then 😀

        good job too, sick moveset and lives up to its name for sure

        1. fareeha0995 says:

          Thank you so much <3 Support really does give me fresh passion to work with

          1. Means your passion dies and comes back?

  3. This just might one of the mods with the most number of tags lmao

  4. hanskp says:

    Welp I won’t be needing meteor strike again XD amazing job as always

    1. fareeha0995 says:

      Lol I assume that is a good thing

      1. hanskp says:

        Yup ^^ means i havae space for a differt super thanks to this

  5. coolo316 says:

    This is exactly what ive been wanting thanks, sometimes i just want to hop into xenoverse and grind someone into a fine paste.

  6. DankLynx says:

    If you don’t mind me asking what aura mod are you using?

  7. Is there no grab attack? I tried using it but my cac got stuck in place until the ai hit me. I love this mod but I was a bit confused when I tried.

    1. fareeha0995 says:

      There is a grab attack and from what I know, it works across versions. So it is strange if it doesn’t work for you

      1. I did have a moveset installed prieviously that I just copied over. Could that be the Issue?

        1. I figured out what the issue was, it was an outfit I was using.

          1. fareeha0995 says:

            What outfit? I am curious

      2. To answer that bottom question I guess I was wrong cause sometimes the grab would work other times it wouldn’t but I thought it was some of mikikox’s outfits but again I think I was wrong cause sometimes it worked sometimes it didn’t. I’m not the sharpest knife in the crayon box.

  8. Core455 says:

    I’m really liking endlessly beating PQ enemies with high defense buffs

    1. fareeha0995 says:

      I’m glad 😀 I’ve found the moveset to be really cathartic

  9. Shiro says:

    She’s spunky. That’s what I’ve learned from your movesets.

    1. fareeha0995 says:

      That’s a new one lol Ima have to use that word more often

  10. DankLynx says:

    I can’t seem to get it to work even after reinstalling LazyBones installer with and without the tail animations.

    1. fareeha0995 says:

      Tail Animations aren’t in the moveset, though it should work fine regardless

  11. SpazzKing says:

    this is the most ideal moveset!! You gotta let me know when you make it tail compatible

    1. fareeha0995 says:

      I plan to get out an update for it sometime today! Been supa bz doing a moveset request 😀

  12. Vastohate666 says:

    Can you make it work with tails for Sayains

      1. Vastohate666 says:

        Have you fixed it so it works with animated tail cause the bonner tail doesnt look right lol

  13. Ecliptive says:

    so i click download and it takes me to the patreon board but i cant download it, like there is no download button. Im assuming becoming a patron lets you download it?

    1. fareeha0995 says:

      Click the file in the post, it’s public

    2. fareeha0995 says:

      Here, I’ll double check the link, if it is still not working i’ll just slap a new download link on there

  14. Dartz94 says:

    Where’s the red Awaken link please

    1. fareeha0995 says:

      Shakaro’s Super Saiyan God Evolution transformation

  15. lanavandav says:

    Currently dealing with an issue where when I do a normal or heavy attack on an enemy, I stop just a few feet in front of them. Anything you can think of that would cause this issue? I did what the animated tail mod I’m using recommended when I saw that I had a stick instead of noodle.

    Thank you for taking you time to look at my issue. Your mods look great and I do hope that this issue is just a minor one.

    1. lanavandav says:

      Nevermind! It fixed itself! Guess I just had to wait a little longer so that both my tail and the moveset animations worked in sync.

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