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The Savage Trailblazer Moveset [SYF/HUF]

My second moveset that I have ever created, and the first I am publicly uploading! Originally made for my CaC/OC: Sazabi the Savage Trailblazer

Side Note: Sorry for the quality of the youtube video lol

Patreon that you can request a moveset or just show your support:

Step 1: Download the zip Step 2: Unzip it Step 3: Drag n drop - For SYF, drag and drop the SYF moveset files into DB Xenoverse 2/data/chara/SYF | For HUF, same process except drag n drop the HUF moveset files into DB Xenoverse 2/data/chara/HUF


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  1. Named Sazabi and has 00 Gundam music in the video.. hmm.. lol
    So does it support tail animations? This is pretty sick and would work great for a Fasha CAC.

    1. fareeha0995 says:

      I don’t think it does support tail animations? cuz I don’t use a tail lol You could test tho!
      Also oh no, I been caught! Shut it dooooown!

  2. hanskp says:

    the kicks and backflips ‘-‘ seriously tho amazing work thank you ^^

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September 14, 2021