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Transformations based on lazybone

Do I like the mod? Evaluate to show that I must create new transfomations.

Gostou do mod? Avalie para mostrar que devo criar mais transformações.

//Attention: Avoid installing more than two transformations that change body size proportions

Atenção: Evite instalar mais de duas transformações que mudam as proporções do tamanho do corpo//


If you donate I will be immensely grateful,








1- First install the "new transformations":

2- Second install "Auras_and_Models"

3- Then install X2M it using XV2INS.



1- Primeiro instale "new transformations":

2- Segundo instale "Auras_and_Models"

3- Em seguida, instale o X2M usando o XV2INS.

-5V ADD -Tranformations total (181)-

More transformations.

Group on Discord was created: You can take doubts, report problems, ask for a personized transformation for your own use, make requests for transformation for this mod, 'News' samples of what I'm doing in mod, message to talk to me and the community, 'Donation' tab if you want to support the mod and contribute some value you choose.

New tabs on the 'More Hair' and 'Tails' installer.

SSJ5 had a new color chosen for the eye line

New hair available for transformations.

False Super Saiyan Statistics Updated.

Editions within .dyt files.

New bust models.

New tail models.

New hair models.

Changes in the 'Costume' code.

New Eyes for 'Ultra Ego' (only SYF).

New Aura for (UI Sign, Uis4 Sign).

Evil Saiyan UI Sign has a problem in the transformation animation (the eyes are over the eyelid).


-4V.4.1 -Bug Fix-

Combat Pose changed for having a bug, when equipped in humans earned the dead pose (UI Sign and Mui)


-4V.4 ADD -Tranformations total (165)-

More transformations.

'Blue Full Power' Renamed for 'Blue Perfect'.

new installer version 1.4.1.

New text files to help find Lazybone transformations.

add textures (To remove the bug that DBX2 1.18 brought).

The 'NO HAIR' version still contains some problems with textures.


-4V.3 ADD -Tranformations total (149)-

Update Instaler Auras and Models.

More transformations.

Eyes Update (SS4, SS4kk, SS4 Limit Breaker).

Improved status (Blue Full Power).

Update SYM Eyes (SS1, SS2, Rose, Blue, Blue KK).

Problem in aura 'rose' corrected.

New Auras (SSRose Kaioken, SSGod Berserker).

New system in Auras_and_Models.exe.

New IDs.


-4V.2 ADD -Tranformations total (139)-

100 Full Power Controled for Super Saiyan Full Power Controlled.

SSRage and Rage Controlled Update (Hair).

New Auras (SSBlue Berserk Controlled).

More transformations.

Update SSGod female (face_forehead).

New IDs.


-4V.1.1 (The new update 1.16 caused many problems)

Repaired problem.

Bonus: Hair repaired (SS4 LB, SS5, USS5).


-4V.1 ADD: -Tranformations total (99)-

More transformations.

Aura and Animation Update (SS4 Limit Breaker).

New Auras (Time Breaker, Evil Saiyan, SS Beserker, SSBlue Berserker).

New Eye Models (SS4 all).

New Model face (SS3, Evil SS, Rose 3, UIS3).

New IDs.


-4V ADD: -Tranformations total (83)-

More transformations.

Textures for some transformation (FSS, SS4LB, USS4, SSROSE 4, USS5).

Update SS5 female (body).

Update Hair SS4.

Fixed error in IDs.

New IDs.

New two auras (SSJ3KK, SSJ4KK).

Alone versions of all transformations.


-3V ADD: 10 new transformations

SS1 - SS2 - SS3 - SS4 - SS4 Limit Breaker - God - Blue - Blue Kaioken - Blue Kaioken X10 - Blue Kaioken X20 - UI - Mastered UI.

SS1 - SS2 - SS4 - SS5 - Blue - Blue Evolution - UI.

SS1 - SS2 - SS3 - SS4 - SS5 - Blue - Blue Evolution.

SS1 - SS2 - SS3 - God - Blue - Blue Evolution.

SS1 - SS2 - SS3 - God.

SS1 - SS1 Kaioken - SS2 - SS4 - SS5 - God - God Evolution.

SS1 - SS2 - SS3 - SS4 - SS4 Limit Breaker - SS5 - God - God Evolution - Blue - Blue Kaioken - Blue Evolution Kaioken - UI - Mastered UI.

SS1 - SS1 Kaioken - SS2 - SS3 - SS4 - SS4 Limit Breaker - God - Blue - Blue Kaioken - Blue Kaioken X10 - Blue Kaioken X20 - Blue Evolution - UI - Mastered UI.

SS1 - SS2 - SS3 - SS4 - SS5 - God - Blue.

SS1 - SS2 - SS3 - SS4 - SS5.


-2V ADD: 3 new transformations

SS1 - SS2 - SS3 - God - Blue - Blue Kaioken X20 - Rose - Blue Evolution - 100 Full Power Controled - UI - Mastered UI.

SS1 - SS2 - SS3 - SS4 - SS5 - God - Blue - Rose - Rose 3 - Rose Evolution - UI - Mastered UI.

SS1 - SS2 - SS3 - SS4 - God - Blue - Blue Kaioken X20 - Blue Evolution.


-1V ADD: SS1 - SS2 - SS3 - SS4 - God - Blue - Blue Kaioken X20 - Rose - Blue Evolution - UI - Mastered UI.

  • 3uploads
File size
62.42 MB
Credit given to modders
lazybone, VastoLordeZ, Azura95, adonix, ArctiWolf, sheikh nabil, ERIC.DEUCHER
November 8, 2022


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  1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

    Hey everyone, I no longer handle transformation requests and support here because it’s not ideal to receive certain information. I kindly ask you to join the mod’s Discord, select your role, and search for what you need, whether it’s information or a request for something. I’m almost always active there. Here’s the link:

  2. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

    Pessoal eu não atendo mais pedidos de transformação e suporte por aqui pois é muito ruim receber certas informações, então peço que entre no Discord do mod pegue seu cargo e procure pelo que voce quer seja uma informação ou um pedido de algo, estou quase sempre ativo por lá link:

  3. yo pls fix the installer i rlly love this mod n the auras r all messed up because of thr installer heres the error System.Exception: Failed at file save phase. —> System.Exception: “-1” is not a valid parameter for Value on Parameter
    at Xv2CoreLib.Assertion.ValidateNumericString(String value, String xml_section_name, String xml_attribute_name) in C:\source\XenoverseTools\XV2 Tools\Xv2CoreLib\Resource\Utils.cs:line 1365
    at Xv2CoreLib.EMM.Deserializer.Write() in C:\source\XenoverseTools\XV2 Tools\Xv2CoreLib\EMM\Deserializer.cs:line 59
    at Xv2CoreLib.EffectContainer.EffectContainerFile.Save() in C:\source\XenoverseTools\XV2 Tools\Xv2CoreLib\EffectContainer\EffectContainer.cs:line 845
    at LB_Mod_Installer.Installer.FileCacheManager.SaveParsedFiles()
    at LB_Mod_Installer.Installer.Install.SaveFiles()
    — End of inner exception stack trace —
    at LB_Mod_Installer.Installer.Install.SaveFiles()
    at LB_Mod_Installer.Installer.Install.Start()

  4. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

    Hey everyone, I no longer handle transformation requests and support here because it’s not ideal to receive certain information. I kindly ask you to join the mod’s Discord, select your role, and search for what you need, whether it’s information or a request for something. I’m almost always active there. Here’s the link:

  5. mathalexbond says:

    beleza mano? a instalação do AURAS não termina,fica no ”saving changes”.e se eu tentar fechar e reinstalar depois todos os instaladores (aura,lb) ficam dando um erro de n encontrar arquivos,ai só excluindo direto da pasta do jogo e instalando tudo desde o começo denovo.Será que é algum erro por causa da atualização ? eu to usando o 1.20.1

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      opa desculpa a demora pra responder, viu entra no discord do mod e me envia imagens e me explique o que voce fez ate a parecer este erro, link:

  6. Pardon: I’ll have this error here

    “System.Exception: Failed at file save phase. —> System.Exception: “-1″ is not a valid parameter for Value on Parameter
    em Xv2CoreLib.Assertion.ValidateNumericString(String value, String xml_section_name, String xml_attribute_name) na C:\source\XenoverseTools\XV2 Tools\Xv2CoreLib\Resource\Utils.cs:linha 1365
    em Xv2CoreLib.EMM.Deserializer.Write() na C:\source\XenoverseTools\XV2 Tools\Xv2CoreLib\EMM\Deserializer.cs:linha 59
    em Xv2CoreLib.EffectContainer.EffectContainerFile.Save() na C:\source\XenoverseTools\XV2 Tools\Xv2CoreLib\EffectContainer\EffectContainer.cs:linha 845
    em LB_Mod_Installer.Installer.FileCacheManager.SaveParsedFiles()
    em LB_Mod_Installer.Installer.Install.SaveFiles()
    — Fim do rastreamento de pilha de exceções internas —
    em LB_Mod_Installer.Installer.Install.SaveFiles()
    em LB_Mod_Installer.Installer.Install.Start()”

    1. Orlanzo556 says:

      Same here, getting the same message

    2. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      Enter the mod ‘’ Discord on the support channel you can send your problem and I will respond as soon as possible, but I advance that the error should be something with the game’s version, when Enternity updates its tools should come out a new permit of my mod (version 1.19 is working without peroblems, 1.19.1 I did not test and 1.20 there is no ‘patcher’)

  7. ZEROSHOT says:

    yo man im lovng the mod so far but one thing keeps bugging me and its why doesnt it let me download omni. g.o.d,
    and a couple of other ones and it ALWAYS say overflow, install failed on phase 0, and failed to install attachment mod: god of destruction – C. please help since im still frustrated about this

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      Hello and I’m glad you’re enjoying the mod,
      This error you are telling me I believe it is because of the limit, XV2ins has a limit of transformation mods.
      Another reason would be that you installed more than one transformation that changes the size of the CAC, this type of transformation is very problematic for the game (the recommend is that you install only one).
      Tip: I’m more active on dicord if I have a problem look for me:

  8. Cryptic says:

    I think I found out how to transformation skill jump but I’m very bad at explaining things so it’s not your fault if you get lost.

    When using the YaBCM Organizer you have to copy an entry and make a child entry on the stage(s) you want to be able to jump from. EX: SSJ 1 entry has a child entry to SSJ 3 entry. All of the entry’s directly linked to entry 0 have to have Unknown (0x2) selected under the 0xABCDEFGH section in the Inputs tab and the very bottom row needs to be all bubbled in at the top bubbles (Bottom row stays like this for every entry, even the child ones). With the child entry In the Activator tab deselect everything except for Idle and Combo/skill. to jump from SSJ1 to SSJ3, the first child under SSJ1 entry needs to copy the SSJ2 entry but with the only selection under the 0xABCDEFGH section being Skill display + jump (Remember to always change the Activator tab). Then the second child of SSJ1 (DO NOT LINK THIS CHILD TO THE PREVIOUS CHILD) needs to copy the SSJ 3 entry (always change the activator) but make the only selection under 0xABCDEFGH as Unknown (0x1) (this box seems to imitate the Skill display + weak attack when you are transforming). after that go make sure both Misc tabs correspond to the correct transformation stage but ignore anything from Child idx and above. It should stage jump after this but the animation might be wrong so to fix that use the BAC tab and set the BAC entry primary and the BAC entry Airborne to the correct animation idx in the BAC files (DONT CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE). to make SSJ1 jump to other stages at the same time, repeat the steps I told you but use Unknown (0x2) for Skill display + strong attack and Unknown (0x4) for Skill display + ki blast.

    If you want to be able to detransform from any stage, you need to create a new entry that links to the detransforming entry you have for when your transformation runs out of stages normally. treat this the same way but in the 0xABCDEFGH tab Lazybones and I used Block for detransformation so if you use that only Block should be selected. In the Misc tab for all the detransformation entry’s, the child entry needs to be changed to your entry number for normal detransformation.

    Sorry for the long text and if you got lost at some point. I will try and come back every once in a while so you can ask questions if needed. or if anyone notices I forgot something. Also sorry if it dosent work but it’s exactly what I did.

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      Thank you so much for informing me and I really got lost kkkkkk, and for English not if my native language I have difficulties to learn,
      but if possible enter my discord I would love to try to learn how to do the ‘jump of transformation’:

      1. Cryptic says:

        Sorry it took me a second to respond. Haven’t been on my PC in a while but where are you lost at so I can possibly help.

        1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

          I wanted to see an example in a file from before and after, and some images to get an idea of the changes

          1. Cryptic says:

            I just finished creating a step by step in image form so you can see how it progresses during each step. I compressed it to a Zip file for you to download and see. Where in the discord server would you like me to post the download for the file

  9. Pumel says:

    real quick question are there any hair mods that can work with your mod because i had on for lazybones and it worked i uninstalled it and when i installed yours i chose the hair that i want to change with the transformations and it did not work

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      hey. If you are talking about installers from other modders really will work for Lazybone, but because you ask me, I answer that my transformations have more IDs and my mod is not popular so there are no installers for my model IDs , to have changed my models you will have to change the hair IDs to the IDs of each transfomation you want, tip to ask questions like this in my Disord

  10. cookiemon says:

    hello there sorry for the bother but whenever i tried to install the KaioKen, KKx3, KKx10, KKx20, SS1, SS2, SS3, God, Blue, Blue KaioKen, Blue KKx10, Blue KKx20, Blue Evolution, UI, MUI transformation i keep getting this error

    cannot open file “then it lists the directory of the file aka where it is” for reading
    error given by the system no such file or directory

    i was wondering if you can help me

    edit: i found a fix for the issue for anyone having it just don’t install it from the XV2ins go to the folder and directly install the mod and surprisingly thats it

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      Hello, I’m surprised you solved the problem ( :
      Install from XV2ins is always recommended to avoid this type of problem

      1. cookiemon says:

        not exactly it seems the problem is that your file has a wrong location edited in it like when you right click on the file and select properties it puts “\\?\D:\xv2 mods 1.19.1\6. Transformations\(last mod to install) Transformations based on lazybone 5V\Transformations based on lazybone\-After ‘X2M’-” which is not the correct location of a mod it should be like this as far as i know (and as far as the other mods made by you that seem to work) “D:\xv2 mods 1.19.1\6. Transformations\(last mod to install) Transformations based on lazybone 5V\Transformations based on lazybone\-After ‘X2M’-\kaioken, KKx3, KKx4, KKx10, KKx20, KKx100” i don’t really know how to exactly fix it because i am not an expert i just compared both files and thats it so if you got any fix for it that would honestly be great and again sorry for the bother you are doing wonders with your crazy creativety

        1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

          Enter the mod’s discord, there I can provide better support than just messages.

  11. Gokussj54723 says:

    Nice mod, in the next update you could insert this skill : SSJ1-SSJ2-SSJ3-SSJ4-SSG. You are great

      1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

        Annotated request, don’t worry my English is bad too

  12. Shadow780 says:

    Hi Eric, I do not want to be a pain in the ass, but it’s been 3 months since I requested this. I do not know if you maybe forgot or you were busy at the time, but could you make SS 1, SS2, SS3, SS4, SS4LB, SSGod, SSRose, SSRose Evolved, Ultra Ego ?

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      Hi, relax, I didn’t forget your order, I’m just preparing the next update ‘5V’, and your order will be present along with news for the mod : )

      1. Shadow780 says:

        Oh, I see I knew you were busy 😀 .I will continue to wait patiently then 😀

        1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

          Thanks for the patience, the next update is in the final lines to finish.

  13. i cant equip them what i did wrong?

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      If you have been able to buy, then you must be in a breed that cannot use it, I recommend that you pay attention to which races are visible before you buy or you can send me the name here or in the message so that I can tell you which race can use it.

  14. hey man, can I request Unleasheds “First Time Super Saiyan Transformation” to be used for ss5 transformation animation?
    if you can, please update your ss1-ss2-ss3-ss4-ss5 (with super saiyan 5 using that custom animation)

    for me that transformation animation is too long & too epic for ss1, but it can make ss5 to be more special & unique since its not canon anyway

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      I will send a link to you in the messages, so we can talk about your order.

  15. Pablo Souza says:

    Como posso trocar o cabelo da transformação sem alterar a cor?

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      Não substitua o arquivo .dyt,
      espero ter ajudado.

  16. Im having this error, you said you fixed this , but I redownloaded it and it still didn’t work

    Failed at EEPK install phase (vfx/cmn/BoostEnd ssbe KK.vfxpackage)
    System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find the file “data/vfx/cmn/BoostEnd ssbe KK.vfxpackage” in the archive.

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      I looked and tested and the file this gift on the installer, including test and does not hear any errors even I using the version I made available here for you, I recommend opening my ‘Auras_and_Models.installinfo’ Follow these steps: data/vfx/cmn/BoostEnd ssbe KK.vfxpackage or just try to download again.

      If the problem persists please contact me by messages and send me prints.

  17. Kevon Gause says:

    i am getting an error waer i cannot open the xm2 files due to no such file or directorty which does not make anysense wense i have the files right there

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      First make sure you have your installer without any other mod, as you may be giving conflict with my mod,
      Contact me through private messages from VideoGameMods, and show me prints of your problem.

  18. Kevon Gause says:

    for lazybone new transformation mod did you want me to intall just the intaller or both the installer and x2m file of that mod

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      You need to use two installers,
      1- new transtations installer.exe,
      2- auras_and_models.exe,
      and then you install the x2m you want.

  19. Hey for the Omni Super Saiyan When I put in the hair ID I want to change it to it still keeps the default hair. All the other Hair changes work but that one.

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      The Omni Hair Model is a different type from the common it is SCD ‘HUM_232_hair_scd.emd’ You need the hair skeleton as well to have a proper functioning of the model.

  20. Rengoku says:

    hi when i went to use the forms it wont allow me to go past ssj2

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      Send me the name of the transformation that the error is occurring, example: Super Saiyan (2) V1 – S.
      But make sure you have enough ki is needed 5 of ki to use all the transformations of the mod

  21. Jahaegon says:

    Hi! 1st of all I love you mod! and 2nd, I was wondering if you accept paid requests? I wanted you to make a custom transformation just for my personal use hehe

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      Hello, yes I accept, through Paypal.
      Do you have any means of contact to give me more details?

      1. Jahaegon says:

        Yes, thanks for replying! You can DM me on instagram if you want. @andres_subero

  22. buma says:

    Hello I have a problem, I installed the mod but when I buy the skill of some transformation, doesn’t appear in my skill inventory

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      Hello, If you have been able to buy then it must be working, but I believe you are not with the breed that can use the ability, try using it in humans and then in Saiyans, if the problem persists send me the name of the transformations you used please send the Skill Name Example: Super Saiyan (2) V1 – S.

  23. Corroded says:

    Hey im not sure if you still work on this but i love this mod ive got it working and everything. But i want to make a request for a set of transformations. being : SSJ 1 – SSJ2 – SSj3 – SSJ4 – SSJ4 limit break – UI (sign) – Master UI. dont get me wrong i like the blue form but i just dont like the god form and personally i feel SSJ4 is on par with god and limit break is on par with blue. Ive tried to edit it using skill creator but i dont know what im doing there so if you still do these please make this

      1. Corroded says:

        oh sweet but if you dont mind me asking i know you’re busy too but how long can i expect to wait for this? and would you just message it to me?

        1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

          I will not lie to you, it will take a long time.
          But I send a mensage warning.

  24. Shadow780 says:

    Hi Eric.Deucher I check the transformation you made for me and there was probably misunderstanding. This was mistake on my part and Im sorry that I didnt make it clear could you make SS 1, SS2, SS3, SS4, SS4LB, SSGod, SSRose, SSRose Evolved, Ultra Ego ?

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      Don’t worry, annotated Request

  25. Lucasdash66s says:

    opa tudo bem? teria como fazer uma dessas linhas começando do kaioken?

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      opa, viu pode ser mais especifico com seu pedido? diga todas as fases que você deseja, pode ser mais de um pedido eu não vou reclamar, aguardo sua próxima mensagem.

      1. Lucasdash66s says:

        opa que legal que vc respondeu, adorei seu trabalho, eu queria uma linha só que mais personalizada, com umas ideias de conceitos baseados em paraíso e angelicalicade. Eu gostaria de saber como funciona o seu trabalho e se vc controla nível de força tbm, mas enfim eu pensei em algo assim: Começar no Kaioken 10x (com debuff do Kk 3x, se possível) – False super sayan (com poder pouco abaixo do ssj1) – ssj2 -ssj3- ssj4- ssj4 +Kaioken – SSjgod – SSJ Heaven (seria a mesma coisa do SSj Blue, mas eu gostaria da temática de ter cabelos brancos e aquela coloração de aura prateada) – SSj heaven mastered ( mesma pegada temática, mas com o modelo do ssj 4, cabelo branco e aura prateada, com nivel de poder do UI incompleto) e por ultimo uma versão do heaven que simbolizasse a fusão das técnicas do kaioken e do ssj (porém esse ultimo eu não concebi ainda um conceito bem formado kkk). se tiver um canal mais pratico pra conversar tipo discord, eu acharia melhor, pois n recebo notificação das suas respostas

        1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

          obrigado por elogiar o meu mod, fico muito grato, irei mandar uma mensagem pelo chat do videogamemods para você, tenho que conversar contigo porque esta muito vago esta nova transformação ‘heaven’.
          (ira ter um numero na sua imagem de perfil para ti avisar que mandei uma mensagem no seu chat pessoal).

          1. Lucasdash66s says:

            olá, ja entrei no servidor e te enviei msg, estou no aguardo.

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      This is the directory where I left all ID: …\HUF HUM transformations based on lazybone\-After ‘X2M’-\Details.txt

  26. Akeakamai says:

    So, i used only Lazybones transformations before, but since eyes and eyebrows didn’t change there (starting at SSJGod), i switched to this mod. But for whatever reason only SS1-4 is changing hair and SSB etc does not.
    (I used for every transformation other hair in lazy bones mod)
    Can somebody help or has any tips?

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      How do you exactly change these hair?

      There are two types of models the lazybone and mine, If you are using my mod use my IDs to copy the right IDs and use it on your models.

      There are also two types of hair models:
      ‘HUM_XXX_Hair.emd’ and
      ‘HUM_XXX_Hair_scd.emd’ (For ‘SCD’ you will also need to have the skeleton of this model Example: ‘HUM_XXX_Hair_scd.esk’)

      For you to have no problems with textures, have the ‘.emm’ files of your models are extremely important.

      If you replace ‘.dyt.emb’ and ‘.emb’ will remove the textures made by me (False Super Saiyan, SSJ4 Limit Breaker and other transformations).

  27. Is this compatible with Deez Auras?

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      I do not use other auras, but if their id is different from mine then it can work correctly.

  28. Codeman says:

    heyyyyyyyyy it’s me again I know I’m a pain lol but I thought about it and I was like hey we never got anyone to do a evil full saiyan line and I thought of one, it would be like villiansous mode, then ssj villionsous mode, ssj2 villianous mode, ssj 3vm(vm=villionus mode sorry for bad spelling lol) then ssj godvm, ssj rose, ssj rosevm, then ultravm basically ultra instinct but with really dark evil colors, I just thought it would be cool to see. 😀

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      annotated request: Evil Saiyan, ESS 1, ESS 2, ESS 3, ESS God, Rose, ESS Rose, ESS UI

      ESS UI(Evil Super Saiyan Ultra Instinct) He will have the colors of Evil Saiyan with a UI pupil

      I can’t promise other auras because of a lot of work and certain problems such as the ‘ultra ego’ aura that tries to add effects and ends up causing some bugs.

      1. Codeman says:

        No I understand and awesome thanks bro. I love you and your mods. Keep it up. <3

  • 3uploads
File size
62.42 MB
Credit given to modders
lazybone, VastoLordeZ, Azura95, adonix, ArctiWolf, sheikh nabil, ERIC.DEUCHER
November 8, 2022

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