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Updated KAKAROT Auras + Revamped Vanillas 3.0


Dont forget to rate the mod if you really like it hit that 5 stars show some love if you want anything added dont be afraid to comment below!

Hello and welcome to the KAKAROT Style Auras mod!

This mod replaces all auras and replaces the LB characters auras!

Please read the changelog below!

Please uninstall ALL IN ONE before moving on to this new update if you still have it.

If your having issues make sure you delete your files in data/vfx/cmn folder, reinstall LB if you had it, reinstall Revamp if you had it and reinstall the auras you want. No more cmn folder from me thats how you do it yourself for YOUR files.

Deez ~ Symbol of Auras#5633

Credits to Shakaro for the ground effect! Yessir!

For more videos on the mod: and

Click to install uninstall.

All Numbers needed for all used auras are in the folder so look for what you need there.

Even more changes here you already know. DLC Update Toppo has been given his G.O.D along with the number list being provided in the aura number list SSG, SSB, SSBEVO and SSR have been made to fit the entire body (I forgot the arms before low key) SSBEVO has been made less hard blue and more of an easy dark blue color. VANILLA Auras have bene updated to 3.0 Vanilla auras no longer hunch over the back of the characters when moving. Auras now stay on top of characters at all times except when boosting of cousre.

Super Broly has been given a remake in Vanilla auras Red version of Super Saiyan 4 has been made in Vanilla Auras Super Saiyan 1, 2, 3, 4, Legendary Super Saiyan 1, 2, 3, 4, Kaioken, Kaioken x20, Potential Unleashed, SSB Kaioken have been given revamps in Vanilla auras. White Base aura has been added to the folder along with its revamp and numbers in the number list. SSR Kaioken has been added to the folder for Vanilla auras.

Super Saiyan 1 and 2 Boost loops for KAKAROT style have been fixed. Super Saiyan 4 GT now has no stars but has been given an added effect. Pictures have been updated on this webpage and inside of the folder.

Dragon Ball Z Broly has been updated for Vanilla auras. Aura now fits the character Legendary Super Saiyan 1 has been reduced for CAC version. CaC version has been added to the number list. Fixed the issue when moving around sometimes the aura gets stuck on one side of the character.


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  1. ssjMartin says:

    the aura is fantastic wen v3.0 comes oh ah

  2. Baderlip says:

    my game still crashes when installing limit breaker ssj4

    1. Deez Mods Only says:

      What other aura mods do you have on your game outside if kakarot? Before you answer make sure other characters you may have installed dont come with auras

    2. Deez Mods Only says:

      That being said did you follow the instructions above?

      1. Baderlip says:

        Yes, I did everything according to the instructions. Aura for some reason does not work with Revamp Goku and Vegeta in limit breaker form from Revampteam

        1. Baderlip says:

          now installed these characters from another mod, whom you advised for transformation and everything works well so far

          1. Deez Mods Only says:


        2. Deez Mods Only says:

          it sounds like your fighting yourself. I assume you didnt read the ID list that says if you want to chance X2m auras you have to use tools to change that. I didnt make LBSS4 specifically for revamp team… use character creator to change the ID of their aura. since they dont have transformations it would just be their base form aura.

          1. Baderlip says:

            so the fact of the matter is that I changed their auras in the character creator to the values that are indicated in the text the way, in the meanings of the aura of God, you indicated the values from the aura of green (I don’t know who it is)

          2. Baderlip says:

            oh I apologize in the text document all the rules, it seems I looked in the wrong place

  3. dbrown says:

    Im still having crashing issues, I tried again after I uninstalled all my aura mods for specific characters and the azura and pride troopers aura mods and still no luck after that. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Deez Mods Only says:

      see me for the refresher and make sure ALL in ONE is uninstalled

      1. dbrown says:

        i got it working i had to do a clean reinstall of all my mods tho but it looks amazing and was worth it. One question tho what is the aura SSW.

  4. cdh2606 says:

    my game crashes since the all in one been remove, every kakarot style aura I install make my game crashes

    1. Deez Mods Only says:

      sounds like you need a refresher. See me on discord for it or simply refresh it yourself by deleting everything in your data/vfx/cmn folder JUST THE CMN FOLDER. and if your a Lb user reinstall that mod. If your also a revamp user reinstall that one too then try the auras. Working with auras can sometimes do this so its always a good exercise to know how to fix these issues

  5. Envy1212 says:

    I’m trying to paste the data of fpssj4’s aura on a character but I don’t know the data for it to change it on characreate.exe, anyone have the numbers?

    1. Deez Mods Only says:

      numbers are in the folder my guy….

  6. Tigra says:

    Just a quick question, when I installed the auras, so far I’ve only gotten to see everything else work well except the SSB, SSBKK-20, and the SSRage. I haven’t gotten those to work in the mod. Can you help me or tell me why the SSB auras and so forth don’t show up? It’s only for CAC I believe, I can see the auras perfectly well on other characters like ssb goku and ssb vegito and gogeta but can’t get it for my character.

    1. Deez Mods Only says:

      Its simply your ids.
      Change them for the ids in the id file provided with skill creator.

  7. Deez Mods Only says:

    10,000 Downloads let’s go!!!!!
    Thank you all for the support!
    Legendary Super Saiyan also made 10,000!
    We did it good!!

    1. CaptainCrazy123 says:

      Hey, Love the mod so far but im struggling to use the Goku Black Aura on the character, Its all working fine on boost but not when in his base form. Am i doing something wrong?

      1. Deez Mods Only says:

        make sure you are using glare for Goku black X2ms. If its vanilla goku black i can’t help you. Unless you wanna open your aur. with genser, find out which part of the list is goku black, look at the henshin start number and change the hex number for the henshin starts hex number for my goku black aura, save drag the aur. file created from genser back into genser, open Xv2 tool, find GOKU BLACK AURA in the bottom list and make that character have a flare, save and run the game. you can either do all that or not have it cause -1 for a henshin means empty or non existent. Those dont show in game like hercule or regular CAC base form auras. They are set to -1 which dont show. in hex -1 is 000000xff or some shit like that. See its a lot to remember lmao

  8. hikaruokami says:

    I seem to be having some sort of bug/glitch.

    When using the auras sometimes (most often when hit by blast supers, grabbed or performing dash attacks) parts of the aura turn invisible, it goes back to normal when I block or boost, but I’m not sure why it’s happening in the first place.

    Far as I can tell I’ve not got any mods that are conflicting with the auras, the only aura related mods I have are; LB, Revamp and an Android 21 mod (which I already checked, and it isn’t causing the issue).

    1. Deez Mods Only says:

      thats not a bug the game can only do so much on screen before it caps out and doesnt do it. Just keep playing normally it will come back. You must have like 3 transformed characters on screen or something

  9. MeianBest says:

    Works with the 69 all-in-one transformation mod? or just lazybones?

    1. Haze. says:

      literally the same questions i was about to ask

    2. Deez Mods Only says:

      Should work with everything if not make sure the henshin start is correct in skill creator.

  10. Nebel. A says:

    Algún link del discord?

    1. Deez Mods Only says:

      in the description

  11. base goku black aura is not permanent like it is shown in the pic above so how did you get his aura to be permanent?

    1. Deez Mods Only says:

      im assuming you didnt go into character creator and Flare his henshin start to 309, save then reinstall?

      1. uh i edited the aura_setting.aur actually by going to his id which is aura id 0x20 and inputting his hex hensin start num 135 (309 is his dec that’s used in the tools) i did so that way so i wouldn’t need to use xv2 chara creator as the game requires aura_setting.aur to load auras correctly. are you trying to tell me the editing the aura_setting.aur isn’t enough?

        1. Deez Mods Only says:

          most people complain and ignore the fact that they CAN do that so i didnt bring it up.
          I respect the fact that you know about it though. Kudos :]

          1. hey i been part of this site since xv2 first launched so i know some things. but regardless of that using xv2 chara creator requires making a new char slot and i’m not trying to do that. i know you made base form white aura for vegito in a previous mod without having us manually putting it in so i’m wondering why didn’t do the same for goku black?

        2. Deez Mods Only says:

          Goku Black doesnt have an initial number for his henshin start. -1 is a nothing number which means it wont show on screen. His henshin start is -1 which is why its impossible to make it for vanilla. It would effect everyone else who has -1 as a henshin start. As for Vegito i did set him as PU aura in xv2tool and made the saiyan aura PU except for the henshin start which was the base form henshin start, Then using Xv2tool you could make it flare for a specific character. Like i said most people complain and dont wanna do the steps or be shown how to do it they just want it handed to them which….it is… but you gotta do the steps.

  12. Kaijuemperor22 says:

    Um could you give me a link to your discord page please? I would like to use your LB and Revamps CMN

    1. Deez Mods Only says:

      just look me up on discord my ID is in the description

  13. Pillan1919 says:

    yoooo deez i fw the auras I told you before on youtube but I can not wait to see what you do next! more auras? an actual transformation? who knows I cant wait!

    1. Deez Mods Only says:

      i feel it! thanks for the comment it helps more than you think!

  14. m275500 says:

    What about a remake for vanilla aura pack one lol? Its moving body outline aura is sexy.

  15. gokablack says:

    I really need the aura numbers

    1. Deez Mods Only says:

      you really could look in the ID list provided lol

  16. 1569825801 says:

    I do not install black Goku normal arrogance, mod is also installed, mod flame id is also changed is no flame, other characters have.

    1. Deez Mods Only says:

      if you have discord come see me

  17. African Kakarotto says:

    I don’t know if I’m trippin, but I can’t seem to find the numbers for Xicor’s Aura.

  18. abdullah says:

    pls make god of destruction toppo dlc aura

    1. Deez Mods Only says:

      next update has what your asking for

  19. ssjMartin says:

    i like this one from dbz kakarot style wow good work

  20. Neen says:

    i cant use the limit breaker ssj4 aura to to goku and vegeta and i uninstalled the revamp limit breaker ssj4

    1. Deez Mods Only says:

      make sure their aur in character creator is set correctly to my numbers.

  21. SevOneSev7en says:

    Weird, idk why but i’m not getting that ground effect. Everything else is fine and i’ve been using the previous version for months now XD

    1. Deez Mods Only says:

      its only on the ground and i double checked every one that needed it has it.

  22. SevOneSev7en says:

    Would you ever make a super kaioken/ssj kaioken aura?

    1. Deez Mods Only says:


  23. AeonSoul777 says:

    how do I change aura ids?

    1. Deez Mods Only says:

      Im guessing your new to the whole modding thing. You’ll have to learn how to use skill creator this can basically tell you whats what but instead of making a skill you’ll be using one that you already have say if your using LB skills still…

  24. saltso says:

    Does Toppo’s Aura work on Berrus too?

    1. Deez Mods Only says:

      yes if you use my new super souls

  25. ssjMartin says:

    now i’m leaf uf the auran wow

  26. THEMAILMAN says:

    Now that Lazybone has released a new iteration of the LB installer to fix some of the crash issues, can we expect updates to previous aura mods in the future, or is that out of the question?

    1. Deez Mods Only says:

      which ones in particular?

      1. saltso says:

        All please and the missing Vanilla Pack 2 🙂

        1. Deez Mods Only says:

          vanilla pack 2 is part of this mod.

          1. saltso says:

            Sorry i forgot about that before i posted ><
            Can you update all other auras you have uploaded before the Kakarot Style?

      2. THEMAILMAN says:

        A good chunk of your older ones. To be specific, the SSJ1/2/3 Auras, the LSSJ auras, the SS Rose aura, the Blue Evolved aura and the Full Power SSJ4 red aura. I don’t wanna put too much on you, but those auras specifically are the ones that’d be good to see the updated installer for.

        1. Deez Mods Only says:

          Eh maybe the SS Rose aura, the Blue Evolved aura and the Full Power SSJ4 red aura cause those i see people using more frequently. I should update everyones textures so theres no color bugs anymore. Sure

          1. THEMAILMAN says:

            Sounds good to me, man. Thanks for getting back to me, looking forward to it!

  27. SevOneSev7en says:

    Are the character aura outlines part of the mod or a seperate mod? Can’t get them to work

    1. Deez Mods Only says:

      its part of a personal mod that activates on transformation. i only set the outline for that stage to a specific color

  28. SonixTails442 says:

    Is it possible for these auras to work with other aura packs now (like Shakaro’s or Azura’s) or is it still impossible?

    1. Deez Mods Only says:

      so long as you updated LB’s mod you should be able to increase your texture limit.

  29. Kai says:

    what aura can i use for corrupted zamasu?

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