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Xenoverse 2 Save Editor

All of the following can be edited:

  • Created characters:
    • Name, race and voice
    • Height and body type
    • Level, experience and attributes
    • Skills and equipped (presets)
    • Quest progress
    • Mentors (friendship, customization)
    • Some statistics (such as play trends)
  • Inventory:
    • Costumes
    • Accessories
    • Super Souls
    • Capsules
    • Mixing items
    • QQ Bangs
    • Equipped battle items
    • Artwork
    • Mascots
  • Unlocked skills
  • Hero Colosseum
    • Master experience and level
    • Figure experience
    • Figures
    • Decks
    • Story and free battles
    • Skills and items
  • XV1 Hero
    • Select from the default presets or import a character from either a DBXv1 or DBXV2 save file.


Support for mod skills/items/characters:

Any installed skill, character and quest mods are automatically supported by the editor, so long as the game directory has been set correctly (If it never asks for the directory then that just means the editor found it by itself). Name lists will be generated on the fly by reading the games files.

If the game directory was never set for some reason then the editor will default to using backups provided with the tool (in “SaveEditor/data”). Going this route will mean all mod skills/characters/quests will appear as “Unknown...”.



Q: Why isn't costume X or skill Y included? Can you update it?

A: No skill, costume, quest or anything else is included. I do not make lists of this stuff for it to appear in this save editor. Instead, the editor just loads all of this information directly from the game (which is why it might ask you set the game directory, if it didn't auto-detect it by itself, and why it has a short “Initializing” phase upon start up).

So with this in mind.. if there are missing items for you, then it can be because of the following reasons:

  1. You have a mod installation containing data from a previous game version which did not have these items. Solution: nuke the whole mod data folder (you CANNOT use this mod installation on the new version of the game because of this EXACT issue, so there is literally no reason to keep it).
  2. You did not set the game directory when first running the save editor (selected Skip) and are using an outdated version of the save editor. Solution: Get or wait for a new version, or go into the settings and set the game directory.
  3. Another possibility for skills specifically is that you have not loaded into the game at least once since installing the update or mod(?), and thus the skill ID was never added into the save file. In this case the skill just won't appear in the list at all. Solution: just load the game once and save. In the future, an option may be added to manually add skills to the list.



eternity – save encryption code

The save editor requires .NET Framework 4.7 to be installed. You can find it here.

The save file can be found in “Steam//userdata//{your steam id}//323470//remote//DBXV21” for version 1.17+ or “Steam//userdata//{your steam id}//323470//remote//DBXV2” for earlier versions.

Just load the .sav file directly with the editor. No need for any decryption tool.


  • Fixed a bug when saving some old sav files (1.07 and below)


  • Added missing Time Patrol quests
  • Added the "Give Partner Keys" option to the Tools menu. This will add all the keys to your inventory and set the flags required for them to work. (As far as I can tell it works, but since I don't have all the DLC some are missing for me)


  • Support for game version 1.20.01 (2.8 works fine - this just gets rid of the unknown version warning)


  • Fixed issue when saving


  • Support for game version 1.20


  • Support for game version 1.19


  • Added option to exclude modded quests when using the "Complete All, Z-Rank All..." buttons. On by default.
  • Fixed "Edit Paths" on the Infinite Story tab
  • Added new partners from 1.18


  • Support for game version 1.18


  • Support for game version 1.17.01
  • Support for the extended Hero Colosseum figure inventory size in 1.17.01 (600 figures)


  • Fixed an issue saving older save files (pre-1.17)


  • Support for unlocking the 5 new partner keys
  • Added all the new partners to the customization tab


  • Support for game version 1.17



  • Support for game version 1.16



  • Support for game version 1.15.01
  • Support for unlocking the partner keys (Important tab in Inventory)
  • Artwork and mascot unlocking (New tabs in Inventory)



  • Support for game version 1.14.01
  • Fixed a minor bug that showed the imported XV1 Hero name as "NULL" if it was empty



  • Fixed a bug that broke support for game versions older than 1.14



  • Support for game version 1.14
  • Main window is now resizable
  • Added a option to change the Steam ID of the save file (in Tools menu)
  • Added a warning when editing quest progress to prevent a common mistake
  • The relevant flags are now set automatically when raising the level above 80 (thought I done this ages ago...)



  • Fixed a missing .dll error (some stuff got moved around in the last update and I simply forgot to re-include it, opps)



  • If a HC figure has an invalid time stamp it will now be ignored, instead of a time parse error happening
  • Updated the backup name files to 1.13 (the new content should now appear if you didn't set the game dir)



  • Support for game version 1.13 (note: initial loading of the editor may take slightly longer for some users, this is due to some changes Dimps made to the cpks)
  • .NET Framework requirement changed to 4.7



  • Support for game version 1.12
  • Search function added on skills tab


  • Dual Attack gauge added
  • Added an option to unlock all mentor customization options (this wont add new ones, just unlock the already available ones)
  • Added Crystal Raids to the Quests tab
  • Mod skills are now marked with a "+" sign
  • General bug fixing and improvements


  • Fixed a bug that overwrite some of the save data for the new raid mode in DBXV2 ver 1.11.
  • Added the ability to import characters from a DBXV1 save into the XV1 Hero slot.


  • The XV1 Hero can now be edited, including importing any XV2 CaC into the slot.


  • Fixed an issue that caused some costumes to be removed from the inventory when it had a duplicate name.
  • Added an experimental new tool: Flags Validation.


  • Fixed an issue where the max level for UR figures would be incorrect (only affected 1.22)


  • Fixed an issue with the Add All figure buttons which prevented skills from being able to be equipped onto the added figures in-game. (if you have already added all figures then you will need to remove and re-add them to fix the issue)


  • Fixed an issue with setting skills for HC figures


  • Hero Colosseum support added


  • Fixed a bug that caused some data to keep reverting to the original value when the user tried changing it (affected mentors, quests and inventory)


  • Tokipedia routes can now be edited
  • Mentor customization (skills, super souls and stat presets can be edited)
  • Body size editing
  • Added the ability to import and export characters
  • Fixed a bug with the "Reload" button on quests (this would cause it to load in data from the first character in the save file, regardless of the actual selected one).


  • Fixed an issue with unlocking individual skills
  • Fixed a minor issue with editing QQ bangs (quantity couldn't be typed in properly on the edit/add window)


  • Initial release
  • 3uploads
File size
3.61 MB
Credit given to modders
September 8, 2023


Leave a Reply

  1. Shadow7107 says:

    This is a really handy tool to have for offline only players to get online only items as well, hats off to you for creating it.

    I do have one problem with it tho, and it’s that TP medals are always 0 in the save editor, while in game I have hundreds of them. I’ve read through the comments, and it seems that some people have this issue, and some don’t.
    Additionally, if I change TP medals in save editor to be 1000 for example, when I open the game, I will have however many I had, plus those 1000, while save editor still showing only 1000. So it partially works, but I guess there is another variable inside the save file that stores TP medal data.

    Hopefully this issue/bug gets resolved in the next update.

    1. Yeah this started occuring for me when I recieved free TP medals from Steam, I really hope this gets fixed although it really isn’t a big deal.

  2. NahKai says:

    After trying time and time again between steam and the repack version…this does not work for the repack version unless I just don’t know what I’m doing.

  3. MrByo says:

    I’m not sure what’s not working, but when I load my .sav file, it loads as Version 1.15. I don’t know what to do to update it to 1.20.
    Any suggestions?

  4. peaches907 says:

    Any idea if this would work on a switch if I converted the save file?

    1. Dube says:

      I’m not sure, but I’m curious as well. Have you tried it yet?

  5. jneill says:

    Are there any video tutorials to help install this anywhere? I’m losing my mind

  6. JeanSays says:

    Hi, I just want to say that it works, but I don’t know how to make specific skips, like I want to skip the entire tutorial to get to Cell saga but I tried everything and that doesn’t work

  7. Manly used this for Hero Coliseum but i changed something and now i cant use it at all? anyone got a solution?

  8. kvenom says:

    This amazing tool has helped me quite alot! Thank you!

    One question tho:
    I gave myself all the Customization Keys, but for some reason keys after 15(Kefla) did not work. How to fix it?
    I do have all the DLCs, including the playable SSG Vegeta and Goku.

  9. WARTOAST2000 says:

    Does anyone know how to get this thing working? Every time I boot up the save editor, I can not select my characters.

  10. Brooks3000 says:

    I am having an issue where whenever I am trying to boot up the game, it crashes after I select my character. Does anybody know how to fix this?

    1. Arcturus says:

      It means one of your mods broke your game, most likely it’s a skill or transformation you have equipped on your character that is broken. I suggest you try to play with unmodded characters to see if it still crashes.

      1. P3bbles says:

        thank you so much, i kept crashing and i didnt know why until now.

      2. Quaven says:

        how would you go about unbreaking the character

  11. 110dylan says:

    I feel like a good update for this would be an editor for characters you have unlocked like the supreme kai of time

    1. I would like something like this too. Maybe if we’re lucky, someone will make something like that.

      I’d love to be able to change the Super and Ultimate skills of the base DB cast.

      1. 110dylan says:

        Oh i meant to unlock characters you didnt have unlocked lol, but that would also be rad

        1. Ferret says:

          You can already do that and unlock all the stages using the patccher

  12. Corrupted my save data. 0/10

  13. ULTIMATE says:

    Everything works almost. One problem: I can’t use skills like Zetsumei Bullet. I select it in the list, saved it, I go into the game, but there is no skill.

  14. ItzJustEmmii says:


    So this worked for me, Hopefully i’ll also work for you guys.

    First go to your MAIN Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 directory > bin > steam_settings > 454650 > remote > DBXV21 . And should be good to go.

    This might work only for cracked versions of the game.

    1. OutOfIdeas says:

      what about non-cracked, because i legally bought the game on steam

  15. OutOfIdeas says:

    idk if its just me or something but its not working

  16. Diego says:

    can´t key 15-20 i don´t know

  17. Andre says:

    Hey lazybone, is there anyway that you can add the special artworks to save editor? I’m talking about the ones from the conton city tv and dragon ball breakers artworks.

  18. zenth289 says:

    I played the cracked ver, found the right save file and open it. After I finish editing and save the editor, open the game didn’t change anything.

  19. Subject403 says:

    for cracked version of the game try C > User > Public > Public Documents > Steam > RUNE > 454650 > remote > dbxv21 ( the save file it self will appear as dbxv2 but thats the file that you are looking for)

    1. Subject403 says:


    2. OrionPax31 says:

      This is the best answer^, helped!

    3. Lord Khronos says:

      thanks broski. this fixed it for me, i did find a different path and loaded my char but no eddit was transfered when saved. was looking for this! cheers

  20. Sarrazin says:

    yo i edited my sav files but nothing has changed in game

    1. lazybone says:

      Make sure your actually editing the correct sav file. Its location was changed a few updates ago and is in a different folder now (DBXV21, rather than DBXV2).

      1. there is no dbxv21 in my files just “Collabo.DAT” and “DBXV2” Sav file. but it still doesnt do the editing thing.

      2. I downloaded the new update today and now it cant even detect the original save file. i know its where im looking. but it doesnt accept it as valid, it sees the folder as empty. am i just stupid?

        1. wait. no. it tells me its invalid. but when i proceed anyway, it can find the data. just not edit it. what is going on. Q^Q

          1. double update. i was overthinking and not reading. directory first. then data. I’m about to test it.

          2. and nope. still has no effect in game. despite the editor keeping the changes i make saved. now im really really confused. 1 step forward 2 steps back. life is hard for a dummy.

          3. okay. so i can save and reload the save on the editor and the changes remain. i can even close the editor and re-open it and the data will remain changed. but the moment i open the game the data reverts. not sure if this info helps… sorry for causing trouble.

  21. Thank You For Updating, Lazybone. I’ll Really Appreciate All Your Efforts. You’re Savior To Us.

  22. Happy to see you still going at it mate. I appreciate all of the work you do for us.

  23. TJ says:

    Do i need the DLC to unlock the DLC skills in the editor?(im trying to get special beam cannon(beast))

    1. lazybone says:

      You can’t use them in game without owning the DLC

  24. Pepito says:

    Do I install the Runtime or Dev Pack of .NET Framework?

  25. jkgamer69 says:

    I noticed that the following extra missions are missing in the save editor:

    The Return of Dabura
    Friendly Fu?
    Vengeful Villain Baby
    Match with the Majin
    A Rumor in Conton City
    The Hero of Justice Show
    The Red Ribbon Army Attacks!
    The Activation of Cell Max
    (There is also a duplicate of Fu: The Man with a Plan, which is confusing)

    Can you fix this?

  26. Drexil says:

    Thank You for always keeping the Save Editor up to date! 🙂

  27. is it normal that Customization Unlock Key 16: Goku (Super Saiyan God)

    Customization Unlock Key 17: Gogeta (Super Saiyan 4)

    Customization Unlock Key 18: Vegeta (Super Saiyan God)

    Customization Unlock Key 19: Super Baby 2

    Customization Unlock Key 20: Goku Black

    are missing in my version 1.20.1, the save editor has been validated but once in game it stops at the 15th personalized key, this is not normal

    1. Drexil says:

      It has something to do with the game itself needing to flag or confirm that you actually got the keys which the save editor does not do unfortunately for 16-20, I just did the raids to get them!

  28. Huggyjays says:

    If you still can’t change anything despite editing the sav. file. I think this is the answer.
    edit the save file that’s located in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Steam\RUNE\454650\remote\dbxv21

    this works for me.

    1. Zeke Manes says:

      thank you so much i hate how the save directories change every update or whatever i don’t really understand why it happens but every save location i try editing doesn’t work every update but this one finally worked

  • 3uploads
File size
3.61 MB
Credit given to modders
September 8, 2023

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