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New site update!

Hey everyone, I hope you all like the new design! If you notice any weird layout issues please try pressing [SHIFT] + [F5] – or clearing browser cache for the site.

If anyone has any login issues for their old account please contact me at [email protected] so I can reset your password.




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  1. MrFroby says:

    i cant find the download button :/

  2. DJCAC says:

    page not found gg

  3. GORDON says:

    help me i cant find the download button….not joking

  4. Toni_Blaze24 says:

    The new layout is pretty nice thnx for the update Zenin :*)

  5. i cant find where to search for mods :/

  6. There is a problem every time I upload my file it gets canceled I don’t know why

  7. There is a problem when my mood raise is deleted

  8. please re-add the search function

    1. HEAVENLY says:

      you have to press “FILTER” to find the search bar

    1. HEAVENLY says:

      its in the “filter” section, but they maybe shouldnt have moved it there bc its confusing

  9. HEAVENLY says:

    everything works fine so far except the forums. i cant see ANY threads, i can only post comments

  10. ashsamhol92 says:

    when using the filter option, it shows what I want to look through then I change the page it resets to show everything

  11. Mcfly696 says:

    Haven’t been here in a while. The new design looks great!

  12. axel says:

    When using the filter it doesn’t take me to where i want

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