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21st Century Samurai — Kiwami 2 Okita

There's a new man in town... and he's from the 1800s. And also runs a construction company?

This mod replaces all of Majima's models (regular, shirtless, cabaret suit), except for the Clan Creator one.

Known issues:

  • The Shinsengumi first division emblem that would normally be found on Okita's haori had some transparency issues I couldn't solve immediately, so, as a placeholder, I put in the Majima Construction emblem (plus two smaller ones on the front). I might go and fix this at a later point but for now consider it an element of AU.
  • Clipping, mostly within cutscenes. As much as I can try to improve this in future updates, ultimately you have to keep in mind Majima's K2 outfit is much, much slimmer compared to Okita's kimono and all his animations were made with this assumption. So to say I can fix all clipping in every single situation would be lying.

With this in mind, and since most of the porting effort went into the face textures and making the gameplay model look and move realistically, I would say this mod is best enjoyed in adventure mode! If you come across any other problems, let me know!

Credit to:

♦ As always, all my friends and Twitter followers for their support! ♦ Yakuza Modding Discord resource channel for the link to download Ishin models ♦ etra0 for the amazing freecam tool that made all the pretty screenshots of this mod (and all my mods) possible!

To install, follow the instructions for Ryu Mod Manager.


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October 9, 2021