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Extended Saejima Moveset

(Scroll to the bottom of the Description for download link and not the download button because it would get stuck on uploading)

Supports RMM & Manual File Changing (Incase you don't have/want to use RMM or it doesn't work)



"Remember to always back-up your files before installing mods unless you don't want to remove what you install." 

If you've wanted to have saejima's moveset without having to mod it yourself then you're lucky you've come across this modpage.

Model not included (Found in the Yakuza Modding Discord)

This Mod Replaces Kiryu's Brawler & Includes:

  • -Auto moveset swapping without needing to manually change yourself
  • -Fixing the Lock-on & No-lock triangle kick before doing Saejima's double lariat & Shoryuken
  • -Adding in Saejima's spirit taunt (Hold the taunt button)
  • -Running Shoulder Charge
  • -Grabs (Down Slam Heavy Grab Attack, Downed-enemy leg grab, Downed-enemy stand up grabs) (No giant air grab throw yet)
  • -Stomp
  • -Beast's Object Grab Attacks (Can't auto pick up)
  • -Saejima's Headbutt Counter
  • -Heat Actions (Not all) (Big Thanks to MinhGunKiss#5484 for permission and making the heat actions)


Heat Actions Include:

  • -All Other Normal Heat Actions like the Tag-Teamed Ones, Weapons, etc
  • -Essence Of Puppetry (Replaces Essence Of The Beast: Knockout)
  • -Essence Of No Mercy
  • -Essence Of Head Press
  • -Essence Of Bell Ringing (Replaces Essence Of Wall Crash & Essence Of The Beast: No Mercy)

It will also have 2 versions for sounds. One with both Saejima battle cries & heat action sound fix, One with only the sound fix.


DM/Comment if you have an issue with the mod and if I have time, I will try to fix it.



Saejima Test 1

Saejima Test 2


Extended Akiyama Coming Soon


Download link is by Google Drive and not from here because the .rar kept getting stuck on any%:

Main Saejima Extended Moveset File.rar

Refer to Read Me File in the .rar file on the Description

V1.0.0: Mod Made


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June 4, 2021