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Lord of the Night — Kiwami 2 Edition

This mod replaces Majima's models with Majima as he appears in Yakuza 0. Now with upscaled and improved textures!

Two variants available:

  • Classic tuxedo
  • Black shirt + gloves

The hair, head mesh and textures were ported directly from Y0, to get the best likeness. The tuxedo was ported from Y7. This mod replaces all of Majima's models (regular, shirtless, cabaret suit) except for the Clan Creator one.

Known issues that could be fixable (I'm looking into them):

  • Because the ponytail has no armature and no animations in Kiwami 2, it won't move like in Y0 and will instead clip into the body at times.
  • The tuxedo jacket has a vent on the back that should ideally flap when in motion, but because Majima's original armature for the snakeskin outfit does not have this vent, the jacket moves as if unsplit.

If you encounter any other problems, please screenshot and report them to me!

Many thanks to SuperClasherWar for the tips on improving texture quality, compression and for providing the face tr!

NexusMods mirror can be foundĀ here

To install, put the corresponding folder in your mods folder (Steam>steamapps>common>Yakuza Kiwami 2>media>mods) and add its name in the ModLoadOrder file.

Version 1.1.0:

  • Upsampled nearly all textures and changed compression to BC7; this fixes the noise visible on his face when zoomed out
  • Reworked face mt texture, now has proper roughness and reflections
  • Reworked hair mt to give a more natural shine
  • Removed duplicate hair pieces to prevent z-fighting
  • Improved jagged lapel edges


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July 5, 2021