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Video Game Mods is building modding communities for PC games. Here is an overview of all the games in our network.


We aim to bring modding communities together under a unified network labeled Video Game Mods. This allows members to have one account for all sites in the network. Each site is unique with its own Blog, Mod database and Forums and each site is given its own unique URL. Video Game Mods began as justcause2mods.com which after being a huge success, we wanted to take this one step further for Just Cause 3 and upgrade our software, we thought that we shouldn’t be limited to just the Just Cause series and decided it was a good time to branch out and begin new modding communities using our amazing new mod database system.

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Video Game Mods is different to other modding networks in the way we operate. We seek out managers for modding communities, or adopt modding communities that we feel can benefit from our site software. Managers are responsible for their community and the site which they operate. There is also the opportunity for managers to be rewarded for running a site, as they have the ability to run their own advertisements. If you think you have what it takes to become a manager and are passionate about modding a certain game please get in touch ([email protected]). Managers will allow Video Game Mods to operate efficiently and expand naturally as new games are released.