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Site Rules

Hello all, welcome to KakarotMods!
When using our site you must adhere to our rules.
These may change over time, but for now, they are as follows.
Regarding uploads:
  1. Do not share files from other works unless you have consent to do so.
  2. Do not share files intended to provide free access to the game or any of its DLC
  3. Do not reupload mods several times. If your mod is not immediately available it is likely that staff will need to approve the mod manually.
  4. Do not submit mods without a description or images. Doing so will result in the mod being deleted.
Regarding  forums & comments:
  1. While commenting or participating in forums be respectful towards other members.
  2. Do not expose private information or personal messages of any nature.
  3. Do not attempt to impersonate anyone in the community.