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Lightning McQueen Ball Skin

A ball skin to match the Lightning McQueen Jager decal.

UPDATES Follow ReecekaidenRL on Instagram for updates and new decals/mods!

Thank you for downloading! If you like this, feel free to give my Twitch a follow!

Credit where credit's due - Thanks to the AlphaConsole team who have given me tips along the way to make this texture look great. Extra thank you for their database, I used their templates to create this. Find them in their Discord server, linked at the bottom of the page.

How to use: 1) Download BakkesMod. 2) Download AlphaConsole plugin. 3) Find the acplugin folder, here is where mine was: C:UsersReeceAppDataRoamingbakkesmodbakkesmoddataacplugin Alternatively, load Rocket League, press F2 to open the BakkesMod menu, navigate to plugins, AlphaConsole, toggle AlphaConsole Menu, and click open directory under any cosmetic option to open the folder. 4) Go to BallTextures folder. 7) Copy and paste the Lightning McQueen folder into the BallTextures folder. 8) Open the AlphaConsole Menu (press F5). 9) Choose Lightning McQueen under the Ball Texture Mod.

Need help? I'm personally not that experienced with using AlphaConsole, but you can get support in the AC Discord server:

Want to get in contact with me? Follow reecekaidenRL on Instagram.


31/05/21 V1 - Release!


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