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As of recently, BANDIT has created an awesome pack to show you guys what ESF is capable of! Hope you enjoy and we can welcome some new gamer in our still there community;)

You can download the pack here:

if you got problems just contact the author:
discord: BANDIT#8513 –

big thanks to haitam83, nemix and andreasus for helping the record!

DONT install this over your current esf folder! You HAVE to delete your old folder and put this one instead! otherwise nothing will work because of half lifes precache limit! Replace your esf folder with that one!

enter esf_powerlevel in console to raise some powerlevel…… amxx cmds for other commands. make first amxxcmds and then press the space…..otherwise u will deactivate another command….you will see..enjoy.

See the rest of the instructions/credits at the original download link!

[NPC] Ugandan Knuckles plugin released!

You hate this meme? then spawn it and kill it!!

you love this meme? then spawn it and have fun with it!!

This plugin would be able to be altered to spawn armees of undead….possibilities are endless.

But right now…….Its knuckles at his best!

If you dont have the money for VR but want the experience;)

Enjoy! and finally get to knew da wae!

New Version of BANDITs Pack!

Because ESF Final takes a bit longer than expected, Bandit decided to give us a Pre-Release of his own Mod!
Lots of bugfixes!
Includes the amazing EVOSSJ4 Maps!
Spiritbomb is now fully working!
Ultra Instinct is included (its no simple transformation, try to find out how to achive it)
Ultra instinct comes with auto evading system while turbo on (still a bit buggy)
Also you will be able to test the Mafuba / Evil Containment Wave!
To get that new attack you have to gather the Dragonballs and wish to learn mafuba and it will show up as one of your attacks.

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