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Goku Day/Manga colors for everyone

As the title says, now everyone has a Goku Day/Manga variation, these go over Color02.

Goku is of course not part of the pack, he's in the pictures to keep them consistent.

Follow me on Twitter while you're at it idk.

As of the Super Baby 2 update, having mods with the same pak name seems to be breaking the game? This hasn't been tested too much so there isn't much confirmation, if you're having trouble try renaming the .pak and .sig files inside of the folders to something else (make sure the names match), I'd recommend "PakNameOfMod.pak" since that ensures that the game will load it. Also remember to replace Roshi with the one in the updated mod, as the old one will crash on the new update.

In the case that any of these make the game not boot up, watch this:

Dragon Ball FighterZ modding | Game not booting fix - YouTube

Put any of the folders inside the rar file in ~mods


-Roshi added

-Super Baby 2 added


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  1. Dengie says:

    is there any way to change the colors to a different color yk like manga colors being on Color3 instead im just wondering

  2. HighTierHuman says:

    Just installed this and unfortunately Piccolo crashes the game for me whenever I choose his Color 2. I tested everyone else and they’re fine, but Tien’s Color 2 seems like only the shadow under his chin is affected now. Vegito’s paks in the mod folder need renamed too or the game won’t boot. Still a really great mod and hope these problems are resolved soon!

    1. XPSus says:

      how do i get the game to boot?, i changed the vegito pak folder and even deleted it and it still doesnt boot

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March 10, 2021