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Kefla Swimsuit but with Jiggle Physics – “Beta”

A quick mod I did to showcase some jiggle physics because it's very realistic and not exaggerated at all. They move depending on the character's momentum, so it might be a little weird sometimes. Huge shoutout to Lean for creating the outline material (included in this mod), amd also Aneox for showing me how to add the jiggle. Compatible with other Kefla recolors, and also my Caulifla colors:

add all the files to your ~mods folder. The ~material 5 files are needed for the outline material to work.


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  1. ʎllɐɹǝʇılǝʌısɐʌǝ says:

    excellent….now do the rest of the female cast , please.. lol, would appreciate an upgrade to the bunny outfit, also if possible add some NSFW to your outfits , would make them more enticing …of course with physics, also got discord? id like to add you, your literally the only one that can save our female cast from boredom , give them the designs they deserve

    1. xxsjxx says:

      What do you mean by an upgrade to the bunny suit? Did you want all the characters to have it, or….

      Anyways, gonna work on bikini 18 next.
      My Patreon:

      You can find pretty much all my nsfw mods there.

  2. freedomchan says:

    This is why I still visit this site. Well done! Looking forward to 18’s version!

  3. Shamasaurus says:

    Lmao the video;

    “Now before any of you go… SEP PEDA DEBA… F**K YOU…”

    Lol, good. Sick of all these social justice warriors. Let people enjoy what they wanna enjoy. Thank god for the modding community. Let’s all stick together!

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April 25, 2021