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Custom Outfit – 2.0 Version.

Updated version of the mod.

In this mod there is.

Jotaro Jacket - Trunks Jacket. (Male.)

Magic Girl Top - Sports Top.

Rengoku Matsumoto's Halloween costume - Nami's bra.

Men's Jeans - Nami Jeans.

Zoro Headband with Choice of Hair Color - Zoro's Hair

Shirt - Sasuke Jacket (Male)

Tsunade Jacket - Trunks Jacket (Fem.)

Akatsuki Jacket - Madara's Armor.

Jacket with a cross - Lo's jacket. (For both)

Shanks shirt - Blackbeard shirt

Madara's Hairstyle with Color Choice - Kurapika's Hairstyle (For both)

Toshiro's Hairstyle with Color Choice - Naruto's Hairstyle (For both)

Witch hat with Matsumoto's hairstyle - 45 hairstyle. (Fem.)

Conan's Hairstyle with Color Choice - Light's Hairstyle. (Fem.)

Smiley Hairstyle - 38 Hairstyle (Fem.)

Itachi's Hairstyle (Without headband with choice of hair color) - Sasuke's Hairstyle. (For both)

Itachi's Hairstyle (With Bandage) - Yusuke's Hairstyle (No Color) (For both)

Toshiro's Clothing - Rukia's Clothing (Fem.)

Grimmjow's Shoes - Boots with gold patterns.

Yugi's Bracelet - Ace's Compass. (For both)

Ace's Shorts - Luffy's Shorts.

Ace's Shoes - Blackbeard Shoes.

Red and White Leggings - Green Leggings.

Staff of the Black Magician - Ichigo's Sword.

Tsunade's Hairstyle (With Color Choice) - Ponytail (Fem.)

New Years Jacket - T-shirt with Kane.

Top Galena - Top Misa.

Black Hand Wrap - Chest Wrap (Fem.)

New Year Skirt - Skirt 18 android

Magical Girl's Skirt - School Skirt.

Beach Bandage - Misa's Skirt.

Galena's Gloves - Rukia's Glove.

Galena's Shoes - Women's Boots.

Yusuke's Bandage - Kaguya's Nails. (For both)

Tall Boots - Misa's Boots.

Kaiba's Boots - Boots 18 android

Antennas Piccolo - Devil Horns.

And more.

And three more extra hairstyles

Also, swapping of Shiryu's hairstyle and the Female hairstyle covering one eye.

Just transfer the folder from the archive to the ~ mods folder


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  1. itsRobbie_ says:

    any way to add the akatsuki robes on a female character?

  • 11uploads
November 9, 2020