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Top 10 Just Cause 2 Mods of All Time

Top 10 Just Cause 2 Mods of All Time

For over five years, Just Cause 2 Mods has provided the Just Cause 2 modding community with a fantastic resource designed to accommodate both modders and players by providing forums, tutorials, news, and a massive library of mods. Recently, the developers of Just Cause 3 revealed that they will be supporting the game’s modding community, despite the fact that they won’t be able to provide official tools. Because of this exciting announcement, we’ve decided to expand our modding network. We also felt that it was a good time to upgrade, as the old website was running on very outdated software. To celebrate the arrival of our new and improved modding network, here’s a list of the top 10 Just Cause 2 mods of all time. This list is based on the popularity of mods (downloads, forum posts, ratings) during Q4 of 2014, and is also based on the subjective opinion of the writer. No mods from outside of our modding resource have been included (eg. Just Cause 2 Multiplayer). The Superman Flying, First Person Shooter, and Island in Chaos mods have been included because of their victories in the 2010, 2011, and 2013 modding competitions.


1. Just Cause 2: First Person Shooter

Kaii, the developer of JC2:FPS didn’t just slap a camera on Rico’s head; he designated a suitable camera position for each vehicle and took the time to include numerous variations within the download, allowing players to choose whether they want to see Rico’s arms or not, or if they want the camera inside or outside of vehicles’ windshields. Not only does the mod change how the game plays, but it adds a unique sense of immersion that’ll make you wish JC2 had VR support. It’s worth noting that there’s a mod of this mod that allows you to switch between first and third person.




2. Just Cause 2: Island in Chaos

The Island in Chaos mod essentially switches the roles of Rico and civilians. They’re out crashing jets, blowing up cars, getting shot by the military, and driving off cliffs while Rico just watches in horror. The Panauan Military (yes, the bumbling convenience store army is replaced with an elite camouflaged military in this mod) is far too busy gunning down the “crazy damn pedestrians” to bother with Rico anymore, so his only option is to sit back and enjoy the chaos. This mod is absolutely perfect if you’re bored of causing chaos and want to see the people of Panau doing Rico’s job for him.




3. Bolopatch

Bolopatch is arguably the most legendary Just Cause 2 mod of 2010, as it caught the public eye early on as a result of its hilariously fun multi/unbreakable rope features. Sure, it lets you enable unlimited health and ammo, but the real fun is in the grapple-related features. Creating spider webs with Panauan soldiers in the city never gets old, nor does tethering a trooper to your car and driving around without the “wire-ting” breaking. It’s worth noting that this mod inspired the dual-tether feature to be included in Just Cause 3.




4. ZXZ’s Black Market

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Rico was told by Sheldon to “try not to break it now” after ordering a pack of C4. After finding ZXZ, Rico never flew Air Sheldon again. ZXZ’s Black Market mod allows you to purchase any weapon or vehicle without being interrupted by a cutscene, having to pay money, or having a limitation on how many vehicles you can buy. You can also purchase props, turrets, and even soldiers from the “weapons” section. The fun never ends once you’ve figured out how to spawn some “Invincible Friendly Soldiers”. Traversing Panau with your own army may go against Avalanche’s vision of a solo experience, but once you find an enemy base to invade it won’t matter.




5. Superman Flying Mod

Rico can do pretty much anything a superhero can do. He can run fast, swing between buildings, and survive a dive of atmospheric proportions into a small pond…but he can’t fly. Sure, he’s got his parachute and grappler, but sometimes those don’t cut it when you really want to feel like Superman. Thanks to this mod, you can, and Rico needn’t be burdened by his grappler when traveling by air. Holding the Shift key propels Rico forwards, so the flight doesn’t have to end when you lose momentum. This mod works very well with some of the Superman character mods that can be found on the site.




6. Increased Grapple Range & Speed

With this classic mod installed, Rico can grapple to any nearby mountain or building, so long as its collision is loaded. Unfortunately Rico can’t grapple to distant LoDs, as the hook passes through them, so it might take a few grapples to make it to your destination. This mod also increases the speed at which Rico reels, allowing for swift transportation to far-away locations.




7. God Mode

While Bolopatch has a God Mode of its own, it’d be nice to not have to alt+tab out and load a trainer every time you get in game. That’s where the God Mode mod comes in. It’s a very simple mod, but it’ll allow Rico to survive even the most crazy stunts and/or explosions, allowing you to pull off that perfect stunt or use that crazy “big explosion” mod you installed without fearing death. You’re also resistant to bullets…basically you can’t die. What else did you expect from a God Mode mod?




8. Limbo

Limbo is a mod that speaks for itself. Its mysterious author created his own core archive, so the installation is very easy, though there are some optional assets included that can be installed regularly through dropzone. Like the JC2:FPS mod, it’s a massive overhaul of the game, and will genuinely make you feel like you’re not playing Just Cause 2 at times. It’s sort of like visiting the Lost Island Easter Egg for the first time, as it’s creepy, and a steep contrast to the lighthearted nature of the game.




9. World Location Settings

Don’t be fooled by the title…this mod is no bore. With it installed you can finally 100% the game. Normally you can’t, as in the vanilla experience you can only reach 99.95 because of a glitch involving a water tower and its associated weapon part. If you’re looking to 100% JC2 in preparation for the release of the series’ third iteration, this is the mod for you.




10. Panau Police

A Panauan police force may not be too practical, as the only people who oppose the fascist government wield weapons only matched by those of a well-equipped military force, but it certainly would look cool, and that’s where this mod comes in. The police cruise around in standard police vehicles such as police interceptors, specialized jeeps, and SWAT vans. They also patrol the area in unarmed police choppers that will chase Rico around if he causes too much trouble.

We hope your stay on the new and improved Just Cause 2 Mods is a pleasant one. See you in Medici!


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