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EnriksD8’s Personal Weapon Tweaks

This is my personal weapon tweaking mod. Most of the weapons you can carry now have auto-aim and increased parameters (Including damage, magazine capacity, and range of the projectiles). Nothing too unrealistic has been added (Like making the revolvers shoot rockets and whatnot), so it doesn't break the Hollywood feel Just Cause 2 has (Well, not break it TOO much, just slightly).

Weapons available in the Black Market are as follows:

[The 6-Star/Level-6 Versions are described as best as possible]

Berducci P45 'Cutlass' (Handgun) =>The Handgun functions more like a hybrid between a 9mm Beretta variant and a .45 pistol in terms of magazine capacity and damage, respectively.

Harker M500 'Elephant Killer' (Revolver) => The gun realistically now only holds 6 shots (More than enough to kill anything that moves) but does more than thrice the damage of the Handgun. Basically your Dirty Harry magnum revolver in this mod.

Darwin M69 SBS  (Sawed-Off Shotgun) => The Sawed-Off acts like an SBS now. Short ranged but features the higher damage per pellet over the Shotgun. Meant to be more of a backup weapon rather than a usable sidearm in this case.

Aviv MP6 'Beetle' (Sub-Machine-Gun) => The gun holds twice the amount of rounds the Handgun has (60 vs the Handgun's 30) but still does the same amount of damage. Accuracy, on the other hand, has been worsened as to balance the gun out. Spray and pray is your best friend with this weapon, sniping is your worst foe. It is basically a hybrid of an H&K MP5 and an Uzi.

Moretti CCW-12G Imperial (Shotgun) => More accurate than the Sawed-Off Shotgun, the Shotgun is ideal for mid-range shootouts but each pellet deals lesser damage. Starts off like a Benelli M4 (M1014) but later can be upgraded to act like a Saiga-12.

Haswell G3-V 'Vindicator' (Assault Rifle) => The gun deals slightly more damage than the vanilla version and can hold up to 45 rounds in the magazine. The Assault Rifle is more accurate than its Machine-Gun counterpart, making it ideal for peppering away the health of pesky Panauan helicopters.

Barclay 'Harkonnen' Phantom-50B (Sniper Rifle) => Far more damage per shot, it also has a higher rate of fire than the vanilla version, as well as holding up to 20 rounds, making it slightly useful in close-quarters battle. It functions more like a hybrid between an anti-materiel rifle and a battle rifle now. Imagine an SVD Dragunov chambered in .50 Beowulf cartridges instead of its original 7.62x54mmR.

Fleisher SAW-6K 'Hailstorm' (Machine-Gun) => Holding 200 rounds, the Machine-Gun deals more damage than the Assault Rifle but at a higher price although it is worth it especially when military security is increased in Panau. Being the heavy hitter of the group, the Machine-Gun is meant to be a medium between the Sniper Rifle and the Minigun. More accurate than the latter but less damaging than the former. Acts more like an M240B instead of an M249 SAW now.

Mako Blacktip MGL-40 (Grenade Launcher) => Starting out, the weapon has the capacity of a Milkor MGL. Fully upgraded, it has the capacity of 12 shells, more than enough to clear an entire base. With lesser projectile drop (thanks to faster speed), the Grenade Launcher is ideal for damaging government structures.

Mako Narwhal RL-88 (Rocket Launcher) => Featuring a faster projectile speed, the Rocket Launcher is more viable when it comes to dealing with vehicles such as APC's and helicopters. It holds 12 rockets, each one does far more damage compared to the Grenade Launcher.

Minigun => It uses the same ammunition as the Machine-Gun but with a higher magazine capacity and a higher fire rate. It is less accurate per shot as a result but is more suited for intense combat situations involving attack helicopters and armored personnel carriers and tanks.


[Note #01: The mod runs fine with other graphical mods and gameplay mods, but may clash with other weapon-based mods.] 

The mod aims to bring the damage of the each weapon owned/unlocked by the player to be stronger upon impact. This mod is meant to be played on higher difficulties such as Experienced or Hardcore. It is NOT meant for easier difficulties.

Recommended mods to be played with this are behavior mods that makes enemies more aggressive than vanilla Just Cause 2[Note #02: Enemies in vanilla Just Cause 2 die rather easy and are low in numbers.]

Mods include the following:

1.) Dylan's Better Military mod

2.) Stronger Military mod

3.) Factions Don't Like Each Other mod

4.) WW2 mod

5.) Panau Civil War mod

6.) Extreme Heat mod

7.) Black Security mod

8.) Enhanced Factions with Military Faction mod

Similar behavioral mods that are not listed here are also recommended.

For those who love to feel a little bit cheeky, then mods that enable God-Mode, No-Hit Reactions, or Instant Health Regeneration are A-OK. Do so at your own risk, the game might crash and I am not to be held accountable for any such crashes in the game.


1.) I will try to add the other weapons later on such as the Bubble Gun and Panay's Rocket Launcher but for now, I am content with how the mod is currently.

2.) I am currently seeing if I can swap the Minigun's model for the Heavy Machine Gun's model and vice-versa since realistically, having a lot of miniguns for a country's military is expensive as all hell. [Note #01: Still not making much progress on that end.] [Note #02: Can't do it, too annoying with model swaps and junk.]

3.) Portable Sentry Gun. Don't ask.

4.) DLC Weapons (Bull's Eye Assault Rifle; Air Propulsion Gun; Cluster Bomb Launcher; Rico's Signature Gun; Quad Rocket Launcher; Multi-Lock Missile Launcher) are to be modified as well. As soon as I figure out how to get rid of the fucking file extension error bullshit and upload them, that is! [UPDATE 08-01-2020 A.D.: MANAGED TO DO SO! HUZZAH!]


Screenshots also showcase other mods (Kudos to them, BTW):

1.) Rico WhiteTiger by FRX

2.) Rebel28's Kane edited V2 by Kentleigh English [Note #03: This does require the Kane mod by Zenin]

3.) Cyborg Ninja Chick by Pax

Just drop the files into dropzone and you're good to go! If you don't have a dropzone folder, you can simply make one, and that's where most mods are to be placed. Other mods, especially ones that require DLC, have specific instructions as to where they are to be put.

Make sure you made a back up of the original game files somewhere in your PC.

EnriksD8's Personal Weapon Tweaks Changelog

Version 1.1.0:

1.) Made the range values of the weapons shorter (1500 compared to v1.0's 3000) as I have tested the weapons and fired at close quarters and found out that the bullets don't register at all. 2.) Projectile speed values also have been lessened to address this issue. 3.) Tweaked weapon damages to be lowered as to be more balanced and not outright destroy armored military vehicles.

Version 1.2.0:

1.) Tweaked the range values to be slightly higher. This is applied to most (if not all) in the weapons.bin file. 2.) Changed the damage values and magazine capacity values of certain guns in the weapon_upgrades.bin file.

Version 1.3.0:

1.) Slight tweaks to the Minigun as previous versions of the gun either could not be detached from its mount or had infinite ammunition. 2.) Sniper Rifle's rate of fire has been increased greatly (6-Star/Level-6 version, only). 3.) Minigun also added to Black Market, priced at $50000, as a special pickup weapon. 4.) Weapon prices in Black Market have been reduced.

Version 1.3.1:

1.) Tweaked the Minigun some more as to address some issues encountered. (To the best of my abilities, anyway)

Version 1.3.2:

1.) Tweaked the projectile speeds of all within the weapons.bin/weapons.xml file to be slower as to address some issues of the bullets not hitting at close range. 2.) Since the Minigun is permanently stuck in 1-Star form, the values for each level in the weapon_upgrades.bin/weapon_upgrades.xml are constant. 3.) Maximum ammunition carried is either lowered or raised depending on the weapon in question.

Version 1.3.3:

1.) Black Market prices are drastically lowered as to not destroy the player's wallet that often. 2.) Values with the weapon properties altered once again slightly.

Version 1.3.4:

1.) Black Market values for weapon statistics are now seen in the Black Market Menu. 2.) Values in the weapon_upgrades.bin/.xml file have been raised or lowered to further cement their supposed roles in the mod. 3.) Values in the ammunition.bin/.xml file have been raised or lowered depending on the weapon in question. 4.) Range Values have been increased to 3000 once again although this may revert back to 1000 as most bullet-based weapons have a tendency to "miss" in close-quarters.

Version 1.3.5:

1.) Black Market Prices tweaked slightly. 2.) Weapon parameters tweaked slightly.

Version 1.3.6:

1.) Weapon damage to give more of a challenge and not bore players who max out their weaponry early. 2.) Player carries less ammo than before, also adding to the challenge. 3.) [MINOR UPDATE] Updated the names/descriptions. 4.) [MINOR UPDATE] Tweaked weapon stats and parameters as well as edited their names slightly.

Version 1.3.7:

1.) Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher hold 12 rounds instead of 21 and 6 rounds, respectively. 2.) Black Market Prices slightly altered. 3.) Ammunition Carry Values tweaked slightly.

Version 1.3.8:

1.) Balanced out a lot of things. 2.) Nerfed the damage done by a majority of the guns in order to add a more "fair" (to the enemies/NPCs) battle experience and to prevent the player from cheesing to fights as much. 3.) Buffed the magazine capacities of the Machine Gun, Grenade Launcher, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and Rocket Launcher. 4.) Added a "damagemax" value to the cannons, machine guns, and rocket launchers in emplaced positions and those mounted on vehicles.

Version 1.3.9:

1.) Increased the amount of ammo carried for most weapons. 2.) Lowered the damage models of the guns, especially their Level-6 versions. 3.) Lowered the vehicle_dmg_factor value of the guns to prevent them from cheesing high Heat levels. 4.) Increased the magazine capacities of the Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and Sawed-Off Shotgun.

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February 12, 2022


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February 12, 2022

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