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Super Grappler (High Speed and Range)

Super Grappler by Neptune Spear

Hi guys, I present you my first JC2 (PC) mod, Super Grappler. This mod will give your grappler high range and super fast reel speed :). Installation instructions are given in the archive.


Range: Almost 2KM (check the image above)

Reeling speed: 7 times the original (grappling without parachute)

Known Issue

If you shoot towards very distant area (e.g far away mountains) or sky, you will encounter the annoying Max Grapple Distance bug. More details below.


I've been working into this mod for some time, finding the suitable values of three variables which was both hectic and time consuming as the game reacted differently for different range of values.

Now I know there are other mods out there which claim to go even more far, one specifically claiming to go as far as 5 KM. I want to acknowledge this here that it's simply impossible in the current game setting to grapple distances that far. It's impossible to go even beyond 3 KM let alone 5 KM or infinity. As per my observation, this could be due to the game's draw distance circle of 'grappable-objects' around Rico. This means that the game doesn't render distant mountains or objects as 'grappable' until you are near them from a certain distance. I don't know if this draw-distance can be changed or modded but until it remains the same, you won't be having any infinite grapple mods :)

Regarding the issue, if you try to grapple to an 'un-grappable' area (as defined above), the rope will go to its maximum length and then return back. I have set high velocity for the grapple but even with this velocity it takes about 4 seconds for the rope to go and return. It was a hard balance between the rope velocity and grapple length because high velocity would almost always break the game and low velocity would yield high wait periods of the bug if grappled to unreachable areas.

Bottom line is that you will enjoy this mod because of high reeling speed :) If you have any issues installing it, please notify me in the comments below.

Alternate download link:!CA1gRAyA!RY9_Iv-6rZO46sv4O7eFzsyEiV4qNftkpdy2qyaKNXM

Thanks. Neptune.


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