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Ultimate Flash Mod



This is my first mod for Just Cause 2, I made the Ultimate Flash Mod, the mod contains 5 new skins with 3 of them never having been created until the present moment, they are: God Speed, Dark Flash (Walter West), Kid Flash, Flash and Reverse Flash.I tried to put as many details as possible in the skins, I was based on the clothes of the comics and the TV series THE FLASH. I used program to make the skins. ( UPDATED SKINS )

Run on Water

I managed to make the Flash run in the water, yes ! Now the characters can run in the water smoothly without any kind of problem, it technically doesn't run over the water it floats over the water, the game considers water as a solid surface making it possible to float in a straight line very close to the water and that's why he moves as if he were really on a solid surface, he can walk and run ...

To run above the water is quite easy, you need to go to a beach and stay at the same height as the water and then just run or try to float above the water as you want, because it will be straight and you can run on the water. If you simply run on top of the water it will float on top of the water, meaning that it will not have contact with the water as it will be on top of the water,I recommend that when you are in the water do not jump because you will be standing in the air and in ground you will up to 30 meters and will falling ( I can't change this ! ). If you want to run and leave the water trails behind it is necessary to do the same procedure, but you will have to be with your feet inside in the water and use the slow motion Mod ( a few attempts are required for this, but it is not difficult ) and that way when running it will leave beautiful water trails behind! To master the art of running in the water it is necessary,a little training so don't expect to get it on the first try. This is the best i can do.


I made new running speeds for the flash, I timed and measured according to the game's distances and found that the standard RICO speed is 20 km/h, and his running speed is 30 km/h, that is, Sprint 1x=30 km/h , that means that all Sprint speeds done until today for Just Cause 2 are wrong because if you put Sprint 10X that would be equivalent to 300Km/h but when I measured the character it run at 150 km/h. this same logic applies to Sprint 20X which should be 600 km/h but in reality it runs at 300 km/h.

Now this is no longer a problem because I corrected all speeds and created others, among them are:

150 Km/h - ( Sprint 5x ) - 93 mph - 42 m/s - Car Speed

300 Km/h - ( Sprint 10x ) - 186 mph - 83 m/s - Plane Speed

470 Km/h - ( Sprint 16x ) - 292 mph - 130 m/s 

600 Km/h - ( Sprint 20x ) - 372 mph - 167 m/s - Bullets Speed

750 Km/h - ( Sprint 25x ) - 466 mph - 208 m/s 

900 Km/h - ( Sprint 30x ) - 559 mph - 250 m/s 

1090 Km/h - ( Sprint 36x ) - 677 mph - 303 m/s - Mach 0.88 - Wave Explosion Speed - ( This is the best running speed in my opinion, i recommend )

1800 Km/h - ( Sprint 60x ) - 1118 mph - 500 m/s - Mach 1,45

2470 Km/h - ( Sprint 82x ) - 1534 mph - 686 m/s - Mach 2.00

3000 Km/h - ( Sprint 100x ) - 1864 mph - 833 m/s - Mach 2.43

4000 Km/h - ( Sprint 133x ) - 2485 mph - 1.1 km/s - Mach 3.24

Here are the biggest added Sprint Mod ever to Just Cause 2 with new super speeds and don't crash the game, have fun running in the water! ( I recommend using the Slow Motion Mod to appreciate the high speeds ). You can use this mod during the missions, if you want,there is no problem,however, if you use this mod with Island mod in chaos (or any other type) there will be a 15% chance of the game crashing, depending on your speed

This mod includes: 5 Skins, Possibility to run in the water, new Sprints, Slow motion mod (to have a better experience while running because it decreases the time by 5x), Ligthning attack (I only mixed the Strong attack and taser mod).

I also added Optional Mods that I thought would be interesting to put together with the flash mod and includes: Camera mod ( 1 person mod, closest camera), Infinite Health, Damage resistance (it is impact resistant, it is vulnerable to explosions and getting hit by car, you can die), Matrix bullets, Clones Skin Mod, Better Roads (for me it's the best version ever), and Big Explosion mod.

It took me about 2 months to make this mod, I hope you like it, if anyone wants to make an Ultimate Flash Mod trainer you have my permission, and if you put something from my mod (Skins, Sprint, Run on Water,Slow Motion Trainer) in the next mods you give me credit, I think it would be fun if i could put this mod on the Multiplayer Mod i don't know if it's possible.You need WinRAR and be registered on this site to download. Coment and Rate! Enjoy it!😊



To install the mod, copy the files from one of the folders to the dropzone folder in your Just Cause 2 directory, if the dropzone folder does not exist, create a folder, called dropzone, and copy the files



- I updated all skins, mainly Reverse Flash and Kid Flash (I changed the yellow tone of all the characters to make them more visually pleasing), and improved some other minimal details of all the other skins, for example, I made an outline in the masks to have a better separation between the face and the mask and some other small changes...

- I updated the Logos of the characters ( Flash, Kid Flash, Reverse Flash ) now they are a little bigger and more detailed, this is my last update of the Skins ( 22/12/20 )


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