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Introducing the mod restoration program!

Introducing the mod restoration program!

You’ve probably all experienced it: You want to download an older mod, but the download no longer works, or perhaps it just crashes your game because it was made for an older version…


Well, no more! Starting today, I will be going through all the older mods that have missing downloads or no longer work on new versions of the game and update/remake those mods

to work on the newest version of the game! You can recognize the mods I’ve already done by the “restored works again” tag and the small notice I added at the bottom of the description!

Nobody’s work deserves to be lost, and I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen!

I’ve already fixed the download for the “Rico the traitor” and recreated the “[EXPERIMENTAL] Extra Tethers” mod, and over the course of this year, the rest will follow too!

Get ready to experience these old mods again and relive the good times you had with them!


– Luke JC


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