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Apollo® Intensa Emozione 2018 V2 (5 variants)

This car is the V2 of my Apollo Intensa Emozione, an hypercar with a Ferrari's V12, a max speed of 335 km/h and 790 hp, Apollo is german because Apollo is Gumpert in reality, the brand worked with italians designers and the financing is chinese.

Apollo Intensa Emozione 2018 (Base version)

Now, for the V2, this car is in Just Cause 3 as add-on with the same features and performance as in real life.

You will need download and install this compatibility mod otherwise the apollo won't spawn in game :

and an entity spawner


  • HQ model
  • HQ textures
  • Support dirt
  • Support damage maps


  • Emissives lights (alpha functional taillights and headlights)
  • Includes 5/10 variants (before it was only one)
  • no more spots on the car
  • lot of damage parts
  • highly compressed
  • transparent windows
  • grip reduced a lot
  • no more emissive car at night
  • (MORE IN THE Changelog)

in the read-me in the mod's .rar archive

V1 - Initial release

V2 :

major changes :

  • spots has been removed
  •  interior is now with all textures
  •  windows added and they are transparent
  •  new damage parts :
  •      headlights/taillights
  •      windscreen
  •      windows
  •      all doors
  •      hood
  •      wheel
  •  doors can now be opened (not in the right rotation)
  •  exhaust, nitrous exhaust effects and jump exhaust effects are placed correctly and as many as the real car
  •  I've compressed most of the textures as same as the original model to avoid a 35 mb file per variant (for ex: ddsc texture in 2048×2048 is 2.9 mb and 512×512 texture is about 0.3 mb) so finally I can
  • compress a 35 mb archive in a 6 mb archive)

minor changes:

  • normals maps has been improved
  • car performance changed : grip was reduced by 290 % (before it was ridiculus)
  • : max speed reduced by about 10 %
  •   : custom steering and custom land global
  •   : engine custom RPM and gears ratio
  •   : downforce reduced by 100 %
  •   : driving feeling is much better
  • nitrous and jump added
  • headlights will be on at night and off at day

Changes nobody cares about:

  • I've created a custom folder where my all my mods will be

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April 28, 2024


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April 28, 2024

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