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Health on Edge of Screen – 95% removal

Just Cause 3 displays health status by red blood textures around the edge of the screen. With this mod I have removed 95% of those textures. A clear screen except for a couple red textures on the edges... see screenshots. (I can't find the last texture)

With this mod you will still get a white flash screen at low health.

With this mod you will still get a red flash screen if you fall from a great height.

Notes about how I made this mod. (In case I decide to visit it again)

Extracted hud.gfx from patch_win64/game6.arc edited hud.gfw with JPEXS and removed DefineSprite (1506:hud_fla.flare_7)---- selected "remove" --- did not select "remove with dependencies"

Extracted , , from patch_win64/game6.arc/ui ... and edited those textures (removed red)

anyways, other hud textures can be found (see and also ) but i cannot seem to find that last texture. oh well. writing these notes in case i come back to this mod. or if somebody else can find that last texture.

No hud absolution mod v2 completely deletes all contents of hud.gfx, which removes all red edges from the sides. unfortunately, it also removes all hud aspects. I needed the other hud items (such as aiming grappling hook, etc) so I decided to make this mod.


extract archive and place in your dropzone folder


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April 22, 2020