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Just Cause 3 Trainer

Current Trainers: Just Cause 3 V1.00 Trainer +6 Just Cause 3 V1.00 Trainer +24 // Fixed health instant death bug

Options (press the number on your keyboard):

F1 – Infinite Health

F2 – Infinite Oxygen

F3 – Infinite Ammo

F4 – No Reload / Infinite Explosives

F5 – Super Accuracy

F6 – No Recoil

F7 – Rapid Fire

F8 – Super Grapple

F9 – Infinite Grapples Wires

F10 – Infinite Vehicle Health

F11 – Enable Flying More – (XBOX 360 Controller Needed)

– Right Shoulder Pad – Increase Speed & Altitude

– Right Shoulder Pad + X – Decrease Altitude

Numpad 0 – Freeze Challenge Timer

Numpad 1 – Unlock All Gears Mods

Numpad 2 – Rosa’s Plane Protection

Numpad 3 – Infinite Wing-suit Boost

Ctrl + B – Force Beacons

End – One Hit Kill

Delete – Zero Heat Level

Insert – Alter Time Of Day

Page Up – Speed Up

Page Down – Bullet Time / Slowmotion

Number 8 – Store Location

Number 9 – Teleport

Number 0 – Undo Teleportation


  • Backup your game save just incase.
  • For unlock gears the cheat will unlock all the gears but the skill may stay grey however on the down right the skill will be set as Activated , Or Not Activated Like in picture below

Found it on this site - Just Cause 3 Update: Jan 2017 +24 Trainer-LinGon | DEViATTED

Credits to Lingon for the trainer!

Some people have had problems getting this working in the past the issues seems to be that the windows extractor breaks it, try using 7zip or WinRAR to extract it.


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  1. this has to be outdated because it does work man :/

    1. does not work, guess this website does not have a edit button

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