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[OUTDATED – NOT FUNCTIONAL] Tornado Gun – Ashen Mod Pack

Ashen Mod Pack.

There is a help menu available on h to show all current keybinds.

Mods included:

Portable tornado weather core. To use: make sure a tornado is currently visible. Either find one or make one at zona tres. Press F1 to control it.
Keybind spawns. These are on keys F2-F9 and the items spawned are customizable in the configuration file. Detailed instructions are shown in the installation video.
Godmode. Press Insert to toggle. Current state visible on the overlay. If you get stuck in a vehicle, use the End key to respawn outside of the car.
Unlimited ammo across all guns. Toggle by pressing Delete key. Current state shown on overlay.
Buffed weaponry. SW9 assault rifle, railgun, AT7 RPG, SMG2 and wingsuit missiles.
Improved traversal. Wingsuit speed and grapple speed and range increase. These are slightly buffed by default and can be toggled to be the max the game allows using Page Up and Page Down respectively. Protato's high velocity freefall mod is also included.
Vehicle spray shop. Press Home key to change vehicle colour.
Aaronlad's entity spawner/console thingy. This is still fully functional. See mod page for details:

Updates to the game will break the mod. However new versions will be released ASAP, so make sure to check the mods site for new versions. It will likely take 2-3 days. I will be notifying everyone on ashen discord about updates.

Join Ashen Discord for updates about this mod and future mods. I've got more cool stuff planned for JC4.

This mod is a few things on top of aaronlad's entity spawner. Massive thanks to both aaronlad and Protato for letting me use their work in this mod.

You are welcome to make videos using this mod, however you must credit the original creators (Myself, aaronlad and Protato) and link this download page in your video description. The in game overlay must be left intact. Removing, modifying or covering it in anyway is not permitted. Any videos I find breaching these conditions will be issued copyright takedown notices.

There are 2 videos tutorials to walk you through the installation/update process. This is only compatible with steam version 1.08 (latest, spring update version).  You will need the Ashen Mod Launcher installed to use this mod. It can be downloaded here:

This mod is not compatible with other mod launchers.

Installation video:

Update video:

If you don't want to watch the video:
1) Install the mod launcher
2) Copy the mod files into your JC4 directory.

Editing the keybinds:
Look in the AshenConfig.json Open in notepad and copy hints from the spawn command in the entity spawner. Its reasonably straight forward, but if you screw up the game will crash on launch.

Crack version:
1) Get a job or whine at your parents.
2) Buy the game
1) Go fuck yourself, you selfish criminal.
2) You can also come post some pathetic complaint on our discord. Its always amusing when you losers show up.

If the mod crashes the game:
On launch:
1) Check the AshenConfig file is present in the JC4 directory. Also make sure no errors are present in it.
2) Make sure you are running the latest Steam version.

When you try control a tornado/do X/Y/Z which should be possible with the mod:
1) Make sure you are running the latest Steam version.
2) Try reboot your computer.

If none of the above steps solve the problem, get in contact with me (UnknownMiscreant) and I will do my best to help you out.

V1.10b - Removed quickstart due to it breaking certain features of the menus.
v1.10 - Release version for v1.10 of JC4 on steam. Apologies for the wait. Super grapple is somewhat finicky in this version. Recommended to toggle it on or off on startup. It seems to be broken by fast traveling.

v1.09 - Release version for v1.09 of JC4 on steam. Super wings has been fixed.

v1.08 - Release version for v1.08 of JC4 on steam. For some reason the game limits wingsuit speed, so for now super wings is not as fast as it used to be.

v1.07 - Release version for v1.07 of JC4 on steam.

v1.06 - Release version for v1.06 of JC4 on steam.


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