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Unlimited mod loader – final

Using the Unlimited mod loader (before known as "launch with shortcuts") allows you to use mods way more conveniently and without having to bother with any ui for setup

After setup, your mods are only two clicks away and you only get what you actually want!

-> why final? the game is no longer receiving big updated to it's archives, which means this utility can not be broken by updates anymore!


It also offers you to set up multiple profiles, as example your regular dropzone and one for just testing mods

You can also easily exclude installed DLC if you want to play without it at any point!

Huge thanks to MrHecks Alot, Krom amd mmwookie for figuring out the launch options for the most recent blackmarket packs!


The icons for the shortcuts were made by Electro and can be downloaded here:

=> Want to play Just Cause 3? Online? With mods from me and others? Then feel free to check out my Freeroam Unlimited JC3MP server and it's Discord, where you will get updates regarding Just Cause, get early infos about my mods and server updates!

For the epic store version:

  • Download this mod
  • You will get a zip with txts
  • Open the one for the language you want the game to be in
  • Copy everything in it (you might have to remove the "" at the start and end)
  • Set this text as launch options for jc4 in the epic launcher as seen in this video:
  • Now create a "dropzone" folder in the jc4 install folder
  • When you download mods and unpack them, you will always get a dropzone folder. Go into that dropzone folder and copy all the folders into your dropzone folder to install them



People with the steam version do this:

1) Go to your Just Cause 4 install folder (if you know how to get to it already, skip to step 2)


  • If you are unsure where your Just Cause 4 install folder is, open Steam, go to your library, find Just Cause 4 in your list of games and right click it
  • At the bottom of the popup, click "properties". A new window will pop up, at the top, click "local files" > "browse local files"
  • This will open the file manager in the JC4 install folder
  • (If you do not already have a mod folder, create a folder called "dropzone" here)



2) Create a shortcut to Just Cause 4


  • In the install folder, you should see "Justcause4.exe", right click it and press "create shortcut"
  • Rename it to whatever you want, i will use the name "Just Cause 4 (Mods)", and cut it and paste it on your desktop


3) Map the launch options


  • Right click your new shortcut and once again click "properties"
  • Another new windows will pop up. At the top there's a field named "target", that has the path to the JC4 exe file

e.g. "D:SteamLibrarysteamappscommonJust Cause 4JustCause4.exe"

  • Now, put your cursor at the very end of this and add "%jc4mods%"

e.g. "D:SteamLibrarysteamappscommonJust Cause 4JustCause4.exe" %jc4mods%

  • Click Okay to apply this change


4) Set the launch options


  • Open the windows start menu, in the search bar, type "variable" and click on "edit the system environment variables"
  • A new window called "system properties" opens up, here click on "environment variables" in the bottom right
  • Yet another window called "environment variables" will open up
  • You will see two fields here: "user variables for [username]" and "system variables"



5) Download this mod


  • This will download a 7zip file containing several txt files with launch options
  • Unpack the zip file and you will see eight txt files for eight different languages
  • Choose the language you want the game's voice lines to be in and open it
  • Select everything and copy it



6) Actually set the launch options


  • Below "system variables", click "new"
  • A small windows called "new system variable" open up
  • At the top, for "variable name", enter "jc4mods"
  • Below, for "variable value", enter what you copied in step 5 and click "OK"



That's it! You can now use your dropzone folder and easily launch the game with your shortcut to apply mods in there or play without mods by using the regular shortcut created by steam!


7) Extras


  • If you are unsure if your system variable was applied correctly, open a cmd windows and type "echo %jc4mods%"
  • If it shows you the launch options you set before, everything worked as intended, if not, go through the steps again and check where something went wrong



  • If you want the game to load faster, you can download this tool:
  • Be sure to always download the newest version (at the top) after a game update, as it may break the tool
  • After downloading, unpack the zip and put "xinput9_1_0.dll" into your Just Cause 4 install folder
  • The tool will automatically load when the game starts, for usage, see this page:
  • To actually use the quicklaunch, go back to your system variable, select it, click edit and all the way at the end, add "-quickstart"

e.g. ...arket2hires --archives_win64market3 --vfs-archive archives_win64market3hires -quickstart "

  • This will now skip most of the start up animation of the game and cut right to the start-screen


  • If you want to set up a second "profile" for another, seperate dropzone, repeat all the steps above, but replace "dropzone" as folder name and in the launch options with another name and the "jc4mods" with another variable name and link in the shortcut


  • To exclude any DLC when starting up, remove all links to it in the launch options, for example if you do not want the second blackmarket pack DLC, remove "--vfs-archive archives_win64market2 --vfs-archive archives_win64market2hires"

20.0 - final


  • updated launch options for the last three black-market packs - thanks to mmwookie for finding fitting ones for these DLC!
Luke JC
  • 48uploads
20.0 - final
File size
769 B
Credit given to modders
Luke, MrHecks Alot, Krom, mmwookie
March 31, 2022


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  1. vitox2020 says:

    >echo %jc4mods

    ‘–vfs-fs’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

    1. Jaja Steele says:

      You forgot a % on the echo command , its “%jc4mods%” not “%jc4mods”

  2. myst47 says:

    no difference with the one I already had for more than 1 year

  3. KatanaDV20 says:

    Really great, thank you! Nice instructions as well , got it working the first time and it all checked out with the CMD window too.

Luke JC
  • 48uploads
20.0 - final
File size
769 B
Credit given to modders
Luke, MrHecks Alot, Krom, mmwookie
March 31, 2022

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