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DBZK Save 100% Complete 1.10 Supported (Not Gonna Update Anymore!)

  • IMPORTANT: I am not gonna update this save anymore.
  • IMPORTANT: Some people are having problems by using my save game having season pass, if you have the season pass BACKUP your save if you have one. 
  • This is a 100% save game of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.
  • Main campaign 100%.
  • All side quests complete.
  • All Master Roshi's Challenges 100%.
  • encyclopedia Z 100%.
  • Maximum level in all communities.
  • All characters skill tree 100% (supports included).
  • Both vehicles are at maximum level (50)
  • All races completed in First place with both vehicles.
  • First place at all 4 baseball challenges.
  • All Dragon Ball Z wishes used (except for the 3 that you can repeat infinitely).
  • All campaign battles rank S.

A New Power Awakens DLC Version added

The DLC version contains everything from the non DLC version, and the DLC A New Power Awakens 100% complete.

If you want to play the DLC just use the non DLC version.

Have Fun!




Chose ONE of the 2 versions and Just extract the folder "851850" to "Steam/usardata/(yourSteamId)/851850".

I hope you know where your Steam folder is.


VERSION 2.0 Just uploaded my latest save 100%, instead of all my other saves which was unnecessary.

VERSION 3.0 Finished all 2 bugged side quests thanks to time traveling.

VERSION 4.0 Added A New Power Awakens DLC Version.


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June 20, 2020