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Game Save SPECIAL EDITION (True to Canon)

Heads UP. You must disable automatic updates on STEAM in order for this to work, because STEAM would automatically replace this save file with the file saved on their CLOUD.  If you still can't get it to work. I included a video on how to change the stats yourself by using Cheat Engine. 


This is MY VERY SPECIAL EDITED GAME SAVE(END GAME) I will make more saves that make sense in terms of character power level, for EACH SAGA in the future, All character power levels in this save are as faithful to the original story of DBZ as possible, where Yamcha is a total l0ser who stopped progressing after Freiza Saga with next to no stat boost, Krillin stopped progressing after android Saga, Tien stopped progressing after Semi-perfect Cell. I boosted Tien's Ki by A LOT so his Kikoho should be VERY POWERFUL, as he stopped Semi-perfect Cell dead in his tracks. 

I gave Piccolo a MASSIVE health boost since he is the only playable character that can regenerate lost limbs. He stopped leveling after Cell was defeated. Gave Piccolo a huge Stat boost so he can somewhat keep up with the Saiyans if you choose to level him up higher.

The Saiyans are the real powerhouse of DBZ. Take a look at the modified stats and you'll understand where I'm coming from. All the Saiyans can finish random encounter enemies in one combo or less in base form. I mean come on. Since WHEN did the Saiyans have ANY trouble with red ribbon robots? Watch as non-boss enemies instantly GET REKT if you have a single Saiyan in your party. Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan are all LVL250 with MASSIVE STAT BOOSTS. The rest of the Saiyan roster also have huge stat boosts, just not as much. Future Trunks being the weakest of the playable Saiyans but still strong as hell. Both Goku and Vegeta can go toe to toe with Beerus with no trouble with Super-Saiyan God tranformation.


Main story Cleared. One side quest left to finish from Mr. Popo. All soul emblems collected. Cheers and Enjoy.


Latest updates from Oct27th, 2020. I just updated the save file for version 1.30. There have been reports of my game save not working. If this save actually worked for anyone out there please let me know and can you help others to get it to work as well?

1. Extract the file. (contains the file "ManualSave0")

2. OPEN Kakarot save location (C:Program Files (x86)SteamuserdataYOUR USER ID851850remote)

3. Put the file "ManualSave0" in the remote folder mentioned above, replace the file if prompted.

4.ENJOY. (If you have any questions or corrections please let me know in the comments)



Updated for Version 1.30


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  1. jthammill says:

    wheres the video on how to edit stats with cheat engine?

  2. jthammill says:

    It doesnt work so I need the video on how to do this Plz

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